At best, unplanned data center downtime is extremely inconvenient. At worst, it is the end of your business. Either way, IT downtime has never been costlier ($8,900 per minute on average). And ironically, the top source of those disruptions is failing uninterruptible power supplies. Take these UPS best practices to heart, and avoid being part of that statistic:

Top-of-Rack (ToR) network switches very rarely fail but are prone to causing downtime when they do - one failed switch can take an entire rack offline. While affordability and small footprint make ToR switches ideal for most modern data centers, their low total cost of ownership is at risk of being offset by the high cost of downtime. Maximize the value of your switches by maintaining them with the following factors in mind.

Universal PDU | Geist

Lincoln, NE, Nov. 6, 2017 –   Geist, provider of intelligent power and environmental management solutions, today announced a universal power distribution unit (UPDU) compliant with Microsoft’s Project Olympus – Microsoft’s next generation cloud hardware design and model for open source hardware development in collaboration with the Open Compute Project (OCP) community.

Watchdog Wi launched for your data center

Lincoln, NE, Nov. 1, 2017 – Geist, provider of intelligent power and environmental management solutions, today introduced the Watchdog Wi, an innovative standalone solution for wirelessly monitoring environmental conditions in mission-critical facilities. The system provides continuous visibility throughout a facility’s thermal state with a robust and flexible alternative to hardwired sensors and systems.

March 30, 2017. Lincoln, NE. – Geist, a leader in data center solutions, delivers smart solutions to avoid downtime situations in a new white paper, ‘The 5 Most Dangerous Data Center Cooling Conundrums and How to Prevent Them’.

March 21, 2017, Lincoln, NE. – Once again, Geist, a world-class manufacturer of power distribution units, has delivered a driving force in PDUs with their Metered Upgradeable PDU and Visible Light Communication (VLC) technology. This new product launch includes an innovative set of features leading its trade:

March 16, 2017. Lincoln, NE – Geist, a leader in data center solutions, is uncovering the foundation of better power management in a new white paper, Powering the Cloud: Using Intelligent PDUs to Prevent the Storms of Downtime.

November 8, 2016. Lincoln, NE. – Geist launched Continuity Engine, a high availability solution that offers complete failover for Environet. To develop this solution, Geist partnered with Neverfail, a software company based in Austin, TX. With this new offering, DCIM customers run their primary Environet server in tandem with a secondary server which mirrors all data and histories of the system.

Time to power down for the night

September 20, 2016. Lincoln, NE. – Geist, best known for quick lead-time delivery of manufactured rack PDUs, has launched an entertaining element through its social media channels. #superfastPDUs Photo Contest gives data center professionals the ability to create their own “tiny PDU” and enter their snap on Geist’s Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

The Core Elements of DCIM white paper

September 15, 2016. Lincoln, NE. – Geist, a leader in data center solutions, is uncovering the foundation of data center infrastructure management in a new white paper, The Core Elements of DCIM.

September 2, 2016. Lincoln, NE. – Geist, knowing the challenges of power distribution unit (PDU) delivery, will showcase their US manufactured Power solutions to Critical Power Expo attendees. The 2016 event takes place in Novi, Michigan September 13-15, 2016.

LINCOLN, NEBRASKA, UNITED STATES, July 14, 2016 / -- Geist’s Hitchhikers Guide to DCIM: 2016 Symposium to be held at the end of August in Fort Collins, CO., is close to sell-out. There is a limited amount of all-access passes remaining that include the full three-day experience.


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