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Prevent overheating of network switches by directing cool air to switch intakes, keeping hot exhaust air out. Keep your switches cool with Geist.



Network switches, load balancers, and routers deployed in data centers today are often mounted in the back of server racks. This configuration can be convenient for cabling purposes, but allows hot exhaust air from servers to enter the switch intake, leading to decreased life expectancy of switches or even switch failure if the problem is not handled properly.

Geist’s SwitchAir is the only product on the market today that provides a tailor-made solution for this problem. Geist’s Passive SwitchAir units create a barrier to effectively prevent hot exhaust air from entering switch intakes.  To take a more direct approach, deploy our Active SwitchAir line, which uses fans to supply cooled air from the cold aisle directly to switch intakes.

Geist’s SwitchAir provides cooling solutions for a wide range of switches and airflow configurations.  Check our SwitchAir Finder to see if we have an existing solution for your needs. If you can’t find your switch, contact us to discuss more options.

Special Features


The SwitchAir product is suitable for cooling a wide variety of switch models and airflow configurations.  Geist has the expertise to reconfigure custom brackets to fit any unusual situation and can even provide channel kits that would eliminate the need for switch rails.


Install the SwitchAir product without interrupting power to critical equipment. Geist also provides an array of accessory kits to maximize cooling efficiency. Add accessories, such as brush strips, for multiple cord configurations to switches and seal new and existing openings.

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Passive User Manuals  

1U, Side Intake (SA1-01001NB)


1U, Side Intake (SA1-01001SS)


1U, Rear Intake (SA1-01002)


1U, Rear Intake (SA1-01002S)


1U, Rear Intake (SA1-01002L)


1U, Rear/Front Intake (SA1-01002XLNB) Download
2U, Rear Intake (SA1-02003) Download
2U, Rear Intake (SA1-02003XS) Download
2U, Side Intake (SA1-02005) Download
3U, Side Intake (SA1-03001) Download

Exhaust Airflow Director (SA1-09001)



Active User Manuals  
2U, Side Intake (SA2-003)


2U, Dual Side, Rear Intake (SA2-002) Download
2U, Front Intake (SA2-004) Download
2U, For Core Switches Side Intake (SA2-006) Download



Geist's FAQ section aims to answer specific questions related to this product offering. If you need further support, please contact Tech Support directly.

SwitchAir® Cooling FAQs

Will Geist SwitchAir work to cool network switch model ______?

Geist offers a variety of SwitchAir configurations to fit most switch models. Check our SwitchAir Finder or talk with a sales representative.

How does Geist SwitchAir work to keep my switches from overheating?

Geist’s SwitchAir creates a barrier between switch air intakes and hot exhaust air in the back of server racks, while also guiding cool air from the cold aisle to the switch intakes.

What is the difference between Passive and Active SwitchAir devices?

The Passive SwitchAir product works by simply creating a channel for cold air to flow to switch intakes. The Active SwitchAir product works in a similar fashion, but use fans to force cold air through the channel.

Will there be downtime while installing the SwitchAir product?

In most cases, you will be able to install the SwitchAir product in your rack without unplugging your network switches.