DCIM Services

DCIM Services

Geist’s trained specialists will help your data center become more efficient. With an emphasis on partnerships, Geist will provide the support you need, selecting the right solution for you.



DCIM Consultation



Geist offers a number of premium data center services from our industry leading integrations specialists. We provide a comprehensive process for your Environet system. From specifying a system to ordering equipment to installing Environet, Geist offers a one-stop shop for all your management needs.

Deliverable Features

Consulting for Data Centers

Geist is vendor independent so our team can offer an unbiased recommendation for monitoring data center equipment. All data centers are unique and our solutions are customized to address the nuances of each data center. In addition to widely accepted industry key performance indicators, we understand our clients’ goals and objectives and provide information that is important to each individual client.

Project Proposal

Our engineers customize your DCIM system to match the architecture of your facility and meet your specific business needs. We will provide a comprehensive outline of our recommendations for the most effective solution for your facility. The project proposal will incorporate the scope of your project so you understand the steps required for implementation.

Systems Solutions

Our industry leading integration specialists seamlessly combine your current systems with DCIM software and any required hardware. Our engineers can help scale solutions based on your facility. Whether you have a closet in need of temperature control or a full data center requiring a comprehensive DCIM solution, get peace of mind knowing the solution was designed and implemented by a team of experts.

Application Engineering

On-Site Application Engineering for Geist DCIM Systems



Geist offers services designed to assist data center professionals in engineering critical infrastructure monitoring and management solutions to meet their unique business needs of their organizations. Through this service, Geist provides our client with the following deliverables:

Deliverable Features

Detailed Equipment List

A spreadsheet listing all pieces of critical infrastructure that will be monitored in your system as well as: manufacturer, model number, serial number and communication protocol.

Network Topology

Geist provides a network topology drawing showing each of the monitored devices and how they communicate on the network. This drawing includes additional hardware or communication cards needed to allow all pieces of the infrastructure to communicate. It also provides wiring information.

Project Definition Document (PDD)

Geist will create a Project Definition Document (PDD) that fully scopes the project. All unique system requirements and feature sets will be outlined to ensure the system is delivered as expected. Project goals and engineering deliverables will be scoped to ensure all expectations are met.

System Integration

System Integration



Geist offers integration services for Environet systems and supporting equipment. These services are performed by industry leading service and integration technicians. System integration services are customized for each system and may include the following deliverables:

Deliverable Features

Install and Set-Up

This service includes installation and setup of all Geist DCIM provided equipment and software. In addition, our experienced engineers will integrate Environet with email, SNMP, network and other information systems as well as handle sensor placement and installation.

System Commissioning

Geist engineers will verify communication, terminate and troubleshoot devices, integrate with Building Management Systems and Network Management Systems. Geist conducts an Environet system quality review.

Punch List Creation

Geist engineers will create a punch list based on user feedback. The punch list is a list of refinements and tweaks to the Environet user interface that follows the initial programming. Examples of what the punch list might include: aesthetic changes, addition of new points to a device (if the license permits), tweaks to graphics, and minor floorplan revisions.

System Maintenance

System Maintenance



System Maintenance is important with a DCIM system. Revaluating needs and requirements in an ever-changing business environment means evaluating DCIM system performance on a regular basis. Geist offers a number of ways to ensure that a user’s DCIM system stays up to date and continues to meet needs as they evolve.

Deliverable Features

Support Contract

• Choose from a number of support levels to find one that’s right for each facility.
• Access new DCIM upgrades and features.

Technical Support

• Quick response time and knowledgeable staff.
• Increase DCIM knowledge and gain the ability to resolve issues.

System Quality Reviews

• Identify potential areas of improvement in the system.
• Gain heightened awareness to accomplish business goals.


Geist's FAQ section aims to answer specific questions related to this product offering. If you need further support, please contact Tech Support directly.

DCIM Services FAQs

Do I need a DCIM consult?

A Geist DCIM consult helps businesses become as efficient as possible within the data center space. Geist understands that each clients has a unique set of goals and requirements. Along with general best practices, we provide information that applies to each individual facility and set of business objectives.

What deliverables should I expect from my DCIM consultation?

After a consultation, you will understand what is needed for a successful DCIM implementation and have identified goals unique to your facility. In addition, if you’re interested in our solutions, Geist will provide a project proposal that details the scope of your project, outlines the steps required for implementation and provides a holistic solution that meets your unique goals.

What makes Geist experts on DCIM?

Geist has over 25 years of data center experience. We have vendor independence so our team can offer an unbiased recommendation for monitoring and managing data center equipment. With over 450 instances of Environet and Racknet running globally, we understand the unique needs of each data center and customize our recommendations for each client.

What value does a project definition document (PDD) offer?

A project definition document (PDD), provides users with an in-depth review of the work that will be completed to implement their DCIM solution. It outlines all customizations as well as detailed task lists for both the client and Geist.

What are the benefits of having an Application Engineer onsite?

While Geist offers remote Application Engineering for customers who do not want an onsite visit, we highly recommend having an Application Engineer visit your site. Onsite visits improve the efficiency of an implementation and ensure a smooth deployment. Allowing one of our experts to personally review your site ensures they’ll understand the nuances of your facility. They may uncover needed customizations that, if realized later, could cause delay in the implementation.

What are the benefits of having Geist provide my system integration?

Having a Geist technician onsite for install, commissions and system review decreases roll-out time and helps ensure a smooth, efficient implementation. It also saves your team time by allowing Geist to troubleshoot devices and install Geist hardware.

Why do I need system maintenance?

System upkeep is important with a DCIM system. Revaluating needs and requirements in an ever-changing business environment means evaluating DCIM system performance on a regular basis. Through support contracts, technical support, and system reviews, Geist offers a number of ways to ensure that a user’s DCIM system stays up to date and continues to meet needs as they evolve.

What benefits do Geist support contacts offer?

Geist support contracts include system changes, access to new features and upgrades as well as priority technical support options. In addition, users receive annual system reviews and bulk licensing discounts at the time of renewal.

What are Geist's support hours of operation?

Geist provides 24/5 technical support for our DCIM solutions. Both phone and email support are available during this time.