PDU Accessories

PDU Accessories

Enhance power strip functionality with a variety of accessories.






Select from a variety of bracket options to mount your Geist PDU. Choose from vertical and horizontal mounting options. See which bracket matches your PDU with our mounting bracket compatibility chart.

Brackets Part Numbers and Specs

Mounting Bracket Compatibility Chart

Horizontal Mounting Brackets

Bracket Description

Item # Specs

19" Horizontal/Vertical Bracket

19" Horizontal/Vertical Bracket (7938BK) View

23" Rackmount

23-RM Brackets (8065) View

Adjustable Mount

AM View

Cable Management

CMB - 1 View

Flush Mount

FM View

Panel/Side Mount - Zero "U"

PM View

Vertical Mounting Brackets

Bracket Description

Part # Specs

39" Full Length Mounting Bracket - Allows for up to 180 degree rotation of PDU

39" Full Length Bracket (7899) View

48" Full Length Mounting Bracket - Allows for up to 180 degree rotation of PDU

48" Full Length Bracket (7940) View

66" Full Length Mounting Bracket - Allows for up to 180 degree rotation of PDU

66" Full Length Bracket (7900) View

70" Full Length Mounting Bracket - Allows for up to 180 degree rotation of PDU

70" Full Length Bracket (8153) View

72" Full Length Bracket - Allows for up to 180 degree rotation of PDU

72" Full Length Bracket (8917) View

Bottom Clip - Plastic Mounting clips designed for use with Geist 1.61" x 1.61" (WxD) vertical power strips - Side Clip / 9083C also required - sold separately

Bottom Clip / (9084C) View

2 vertical offset brackets

EZB-1 View

Side Clip - Plastic Mounting clips for 1.61" x 1.61" (WxD) verticals - Bottom Clip (9084C) also required - sold separately

Side Clip (9083C) View

Two 4" L-shaped Brackets

SLB-4 View

Toolless Full Length Bracket

TLFL - Toolless Full Length Bracket View

Toolless Mounting Hardware

Toolless Mounting Hardware (TLMH - 11621) View

Side Mount Toolless Mounting Hardware Bracket - Holds 1 or 2 vertical power strips

TSMX2 - Toolless Mounting Bracket View

Vertical extension brackets

VCB-1 View

Two 7" offset brackets, one top & one bottom

XB-7 View


Standard Cord Sets

Standard Cord Sets



Standard IEC Cord SetAs with every item manufactured at Geist, cord sets can be made to order and will be individually tested before leaving the factory. Simply supply the cord lengths and plug and socket type. Options include locking multiple plug sets of various lengths.

Standard Cord Sets Part Numbers and Specs

Standard Cord Sets

Description Item # Specs
5-15P to C-13 7349 View
L6-20P to C-19 8124 View
6-20P to C-19 8125 View
L5-20P to C-19 8126 View
5-20P to C-19 8127 View
C-20 to C-19 8128 View
C-14 to C-13 8129 View
C-20 to (2) C-19 8175 View


Cord Management Kits
Clips and Plug Shields

Clips and Plug Shields



Plug ClipsSecure plugs and avoid mishaps with clips and plug shields. Geist offers several clip and secure plug options to protect a data center's power consumption.

Part Numbers and Specs

Clips and Plug Shields Part Numbers and Specs

Plug Shields


Item # Specs

Plug Shield C-13

9091 View

Plug Shield C-19

6997 View

Plug Shield Removal Tool

6998 View


Plug Clips

Description Item # Specs
C-13 Retaining Clip 7759 View
12 C-13 Clip Pack (12) 7759 (12) View
Cord Retaining Clip (multiple plug types) 8954 View


Interchangeable Monitoring Device (IMD)

Interchangeable Monitoring Devices (IMD)



For Geist Upgradeable Basic, Metered, and Monitored PDUs, the Interchangeable Monitoring Device (IMD) can be upgraded for added intelligence or new features. With the IMD, users can install the latest technology without replacing the entire power strip. The hot-swappable IMD can be changed in a few simple steps without interrupting power to critical servers.




IMD-01DH (Horizontal)
IMD-01DV (Vertical)

Power and Environmental Monitoring

IMD-02EH (Horizontal)
IMD-02EV (Vertical)

IMD-03EH (Horizontal)
IMD-03EV (Vertical)

Power and Environmental Monitoring with USB

IMD-3EH (Horizontal)
IMD-3EV (Vertical)