Application Notes

Application Notes

Limit Inrush Current and Manage Device Power-On Dependencies on GU2 Switched PDUs
Limit Inrush Current & Manage Device Power-On Dependencies on GU2 Switched PDUs
This application note provides supplementary information about outlet power-on sequencing. The power-on sequencing function can be used to define the order for powering outlets after a PDU has been shut off or has unexpectedly lost power. Download>

Manage Inrush Current with GU2 Relays
Manage Inrush Current with GU2 Relays
Inrush current events are present whenever equipment is initially powered. When data centers experience brown-out (voltage sag/dip) and black-out (full power loss) conditions, upon the restoration of power, there is a significant amount of initial energy required to reactivate all the equipment. Download >

Visible Light Communication - Application Note
Visible Light Communication (VLC): A New Way of Looking at Data Center Power
Geist has taken the power of the smartphone, its unique ability to add functionality and capability inherently not present in a product, and paired it with our GU series of products. The result is patent pending Geist VLC. Download >

Network Design and Switch Configuration for Geist Upgradeable PDU Networks
This application note provides advice about Geist Upgradable PDU network design, network switch selection and managed network switch configuration. Download >

Deployment Methods for Environmental Monitoring: Which One is Best for My Application?
This application note discusses the pros and cons of three types of environmental monitoring systems while providing an overview of Geist’s solutions. Download >

High Fidelity Alarming- Using Alarm Options Effectively in Environet
Visibility into data center operational health is a core benefit delivered by a DCIM solution. Environet monitors and displays information in real-time providing immediate notification if an operating parameter is out of normal range. Download >

Providing network connectivity to intelligent PDUs with RSTP
Providing Network Connectivity to Intelligent PDUs Without Requiring Expensive Switch Ports for Each
Geist’s Upgradeable PDU daisy chain application provides redundancy by offering a fault-tolerant daisy chained solution utilizing Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (RSTP). Download >

How SwitchAir channels cool air through top of rack network switches
How SwitchAir Channels Cool Air through Top-of-Rack Network Switches to Maintain Reliability and Improve Longevity
SwitchAir complements the data center’s existing cooling supply, providing a channel for the air to travel to the hard-to-reach inlets of a top-of-rack switch. Download >

Add an extra layer of protection to your monitoring system using an auto-dialer
How Can I Add an Extra Layer of Protection to My Monitoring System Using a Relay-Controlled Auto-Dialer?
Add an additional layer of alert notification via SMS or voice call to supplement already available notifications by integrating an auto-dialer with a Watchdog system. Download >

Choose Real-Time Monitoring for a Comprehensive View of Your Data Center
Choose Real-Time Monitoring for a Comprehensive View of Your Data Center
Live, or “real-time”, monitoring is a term used to describe a broad range of monitoring from different systems in the data center industry. Many DCIM solutions claim to provide real-time monitoring, but in reality are not capable of true real-time monitoring. Download >