PDU Sensors

PDU Sensors

Integrate a variety of environmental sensors with your rPDUs to monitor temperature, humidity, airflow, moisture and other conditions around your critical infrastructure to prevent climate-related downtime.  The rPDU reports environmental data and sends alerts via email or SNMP when user-defined thresholds are breached.


  • Prevent equipment failure and optimize uptime by monitoring racks for potential hot spots and ensuring proper airflow to equipment intake
  • Adjust the thermostat with confidence to operate at peak efficiency
  • Prevent unauthorized access with door contact closure sensors



Monitor temperature at the top, middle, and bottom of racks, as well as humidity, airflow, and power failure. PDU sensors also monitor door position, water leaks, and other data center environmental conditions

Integrated sensors that measure temperature, humidity, dew point and airflow.
Analog sensors that measure door position, water, power and smoke.
Special accessories expand the capabilities of Geist's monitoring products...