Geist Reinvents Metered Power Distribution with Visible Light Communication

Geist Reinvents Metered Power Distribution with Visible Light Communication

March 21, 2017, Lincoln, NE. – Once again, Geist, a world-class manufacturer of power distribution units, has delivered a driving force in PDUs with their Metered Upgradeable PDU and Visible Light Communication (VLC) technology. This new product launch includes an innovative set of features leading its trade:

  • Optical data transmission from PDU to Geist Mobile app on handheld devices using VLC technology. This allows the user to rapidly access comprehensive power consumption data down to phase and circuit level, providing a secure, reliable and convenient real-time physical data capture solution in the industry.
  • Upgradeable hot swappable technology produces best-in-class cost of ownership with flexibility to cater to specific customer needs on demand and without interruption; easily transform PDUs from Basic to Metered to Monitored, as needed.
  • Patented U-Lock outlets offering integrated IEC power cord locking features the strongest protection available in the industry.

“We’re reinventing power distribution solutions for the data center industry. Traditionally, vendors offer ‘Good, Better, Best’ where most customers are forced to compromise, but now Geist is promising ‘Best, Best, Best’ allowing our customers flexibility to determine the right power distribution and monitoring solution for their business, not their budget."

Brad Wilson, President 

Geist Upgradeable Metered PDU is the perfect solution for preventing potential overloads while providing reliable, rack-mount (zero U or 1U), multi-locking receptacle, single or three-phase, power distribution from any protected UPS, generator or main input power source.

Upgradeable PDUs are available through most distributors and IT VARs. Please contact Geist Sales for more information at +1.800.432.3219.