Highly anticipated failover system introduced for Environet

Highly anticipated failover system introduced for Environet

November 8, 2016. Lincoln, NE. – Geist launched Continuity Engine, a high availability solution that offers complete failover for Environet. To develop this solution, Geist partnered with Neverfail, a software company based in Austin, TX. With this new offering, DCIM customers run their primary Environet server in tandem with a secondary server which mirrors all data and histories of the system. In the event of a failure on the primary server, Environet will failover to the secondary server ensuring all data and histories replicate with near-zero recovery time.

As a value add to customers, Geist and Neverfail have also developed a plugin for the Continuity Engine solution. The plugin provides simplified installation, minimizes risk during the initial implementation and increases the quality of functionality. Continuity Engine is designed and tested for easy use and install. Eric Vaughn from Neverfail explains, “Simply put, we can help you prepare for and protect your applications from disaster without missing a beat.”

Offering a solution that ensures Environet remains accessible during a failure delivers unparalleled protection for Geist customers. Matt Lane, President of Geist DCIM, says, “Our partnership with Neverfail provides us with the capability to foolproof our system with a process that proactively prevents system downtime. By listening to our customers and identifying their pain points, we have been able to create a solution that benefits their daily operations.”

As a result of customer feedback and demand, Geist is pleased to offer this exceptional solution. To learn more about the features and benefits that are offered by Neverfail Continuity Engine visit https://neverfail.com/continuity-engine/