Geist Goes Global with Brand Redesign

Geist Goes Global with Brand Redesign


30 May 2012, Lincoln, NE—Geist officially launches a new brand identity today, including a redeveloped website (, a new logo and complementary imagery.

The new branding unifies Geist’s divisions and products under a single brand strategy. This effort positions Geist as a comprehensive solutions provider for the four cornerstones of data center management: Power. Cool. Monitor. Manage. 

“Our new brand clearly aligns us with our role as an organization that addresses the challenges of managing mission-critical data center infrastructure,” explains Brad Wilson, Executive Vice President for Geist. “The change also reflects our growth as a complete solutions provider and effectively communicates to our current and potential clients.”

Among the changes associated with the branding initiative, Geist Intelligent Facilities—the division for data center infrastructure management (DCiM) solutions and product development—is now known as Geist DCiM. Geist Manufacturing, known for intelligent power distribution units (PDUs) , sophisticated containment cooling, and climate monitoring is now simply Geist. The company’s global divisions are referred to as Geist Americas, Geist Europe and Geist Asia, with offices located in the United States, United Kingdom and China, respectively.

Matt Lane, President of Geist DCiM Division added, “This rebrand effort is more than just a name change for Geist DCiM. The combined effort has expanded our knowledge–base by combining experts in power, cooling, monitoring and management. We have built a team that has unified our product lines for a more robust selection that will better serve our clients’ needs." 

The brand redesign is just the beginning for Geist. In the coming months, plans are underway to include additional interactive website features, new display booths at tradeshows and an enhanced presence throughout the data center industry.

Geist partnered with Thought District, a brand and sales strategy company with a deep bench of manufacturing clients, to establish the brand’s umbrella positioning over its core offerings. The process involved internal research with key stakeholders in management, sales and product development and input from current and prospective clients. This input strengthened the eventual recommendations by ensuring the new brand and its graphic representation would resonate positively with all involved.