From temperature to humidity to airflow, Geist climate sensors monitor critical environmental conditions.

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Measure essential environmental factors like temperature, humidity, airflow, light, sound, power, leaks and more.

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Expand the capabilities of Geist's monitoring products.

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Manage tens of thousands of points with Geist DCiM systems.

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Keep track of essential components within your data center – thanks to Geist’s extensive selection of data center monitoring equipment. Maintaining an optimal balance within the data center can be complex and time-consuming: from taking into account data center temperature monitoring to remotely managing the performance of your facilities.

That’s why at Geist, we consider these elements for you: protecting your premises from any environmental threats as well as maximizing efficiency by minimizing costs in the form of wireless monitoring. Whether you’re after proficient data center environmental monitoring or require specialized knowledge to expand your data center capabilities, contact Geist today – and enjoy unrivalled support and performance on all your data center operations.

Climate Monitors

Climate monitors capture and deliver environmental data in mission critical locations.

Analog Sensors

Sensors measure essential environmental factors, including temperature, humidity, airflow, light, sounds, power, water detection and more.

Digital Sensors

Digital sensors can be controlled by programmed values or manually through the web interface.

Wireless Sensors

Wireless sensors that protect your equipment from environmental threats.

Monitoring Accessories

Special accessories expand the capabilities of Geist's monitoring products.

Remote Management

Aggregate all monitored points into one view for effective management of your data center.