Keep on top of your business power needs with the help of Geist. The extensive selection of data center PDU power products includes solutions such as upgradeable power strips, monitoring sensors, low profile breakers and satellite power. Whether you are in need of basic products, such as transfer switches, or monitored power to help prevent circuits from overloading, put your trust in Geist.

In an ever-growing digital age, it is more important than ever for a data center’s power strips to function properly. You will find that Geist power products offer an affordable solution to your business needs, ensuring that your daily tasks run smoothly, without any glitches.


Geist's basic PDUs come in surge, non-surge, International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) and National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) configurations.

Current monitoring PDUs allow local or remote viewing and alarms for issues that can arise at the breaker, circuit and aggregate level.

The new Geist Upgradeable power strips give data center managers the flexibility to install the intelligence they require today with the option to upgrade technology as needs evolve.

Geist switched PDUs provide hands-on control, even from miles away.

Geist's line of satellite PDUs maximizes the remote reporting capacity of a single IP address.

Geist’s low profile breakers reduce the PDU depth by over 40% compared to traditional breakers.
Designed for simplicity, the patented U-Lock technology will naturally capture and securely lock plugs in place. Each receptacle is color injected directly, to assure load balancing is easily achieved.

Enhance power strip functionality with a variety of accessories.