Provides automated feedback that helps cut total fan energy by 40%

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Maintain cooling efficiency with airflow management accessories

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Maximize cooling oversight and control with Geist management solutions.

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For a data center to run successfully day after day, it is essential to keep the environment cool. At Geist, there is a wide selection of data center cooling products to ensure that your business network runs smoothly. Whether you’re looking for active cabinet or passive cabinet containment, unity cooling or small room cooling, you can rest assured that there’s a rack cooling system for your business needs at Geist. For the best rack cooling solutions for your business’ data center, at a price to suit your budget, it’s got to be Geist. Browse the full range of cooling components on offer or narrow down your search to find a specific item – your business will thank you for it.

Active Cabinet or Row Containment

Opengate conforms to almost any environment to deliver intelligent cooling

Unity Cooling

The Unity Cooling solution uses sensors and sophisticated software to integrate the row based intelligent containment cooling with the data center’s CRAC units

IT Enclosure

The Opengate Row Enclosure system encases an entire row of cabinets to completely contain heat and keep it from mixing with a data center's cold air.

Small Room Cooling

Intelligent heat removal and monitoring solution for servers, network switches and phone systems in small spaces.

Switch Cooling

Helps lower the operating temperature of network switches, load balancers, routers, and other rack-mounted devices


Maintain maximum cooling efficiency with airflow management accessories.

Cooling Management

Geist's DCIM tools aggregate total airflow load and automate defining total airflow requirements.