System Integration

System Integration



Geist offers integration services for Environet systems and supporting equipment. These services are performed by industry leading service and integration technicians. System integration services are customized for each system and may include the following deliverables:

Deliverable Features

Install and Set-Up

This service includes installation and setup of all Geist DCIM provided equipment and software. In addition, our experienced engineers will integrate Environet with email, SNMP, network and other information systems as well as handle sensor placement and installation.

System Commissioning

Geist engineers will verify communication, terminate and troubleshoot devices, integrate with Building Management Systems and Network Management Systems. Geist conducts an Environet system quality review.

Punch List Creation

Geist engineers will create a punch list based on user feedback. The punch list is a list of refinements and tweaks to the Environet user interface that follows the initial programming. Examples of what the punch list might include: aesthetic changes, addition of new points to a device (if the license permits), tweaks to graphics, and minor floorplan revisions.