Switched Unit Level Monitoring

Switched Unit Level Monitoring

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Outlet Status Feedback

Geist’s proprietary feature enables real-time feedback of each individual outlets status. Through the power strip GUI you receive a warning if the actual status of the outlets is different than the one being shown. Visual confirmation of a relay’s failure to change state is given so you can be sure that the outlets are indeed On or Off.

User-Friendly Web Interface

Geist’s Switched PDU’s help users keep an eye on remote conditions from a secure web interface. The web interface provides an overview of your environment using real time data. Switched PDU’s have flexible access rights and security settings with up to three access account levels for easy integration into existing user access management procedures. It offers secure access through the web and supports HTTP and HTTPS protocols.

Customizable Alarms with Escalation

Geist’s Switched PDUs can trigger escalating alarms if power or environmental levels fall outside a specified parameter. Receive SNMP, email to text message alert notifications when user-adjustable thresholds are exceeded.

Environmental Monitoring

Switched PDUs have two environmental sensor ports with the ability to track climate information: temperature, airflow, humidity, dew point and additional environmental variables. This data is available through any web browser and is SNMP and JSON API compatible for easy tracking of critical data, without the use of any external software. It is simple to capture all the data, analyze trends and resolve issues immediately. Pair with Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) software for a comprehensive, single-pane-of-glass view of your entire data center infrastructure.

Colored Chassis

Colored Chassis for Power Distribution UnitsGeist offers colored chassis options to help data center personnel easily identify the input feed of each PDU, helping create proper load balancing of attached equipment and minimizing error that could lead to accidental downtime.

Available Colors:

With a click of a few buttons users can disable problem equipment by cutting power to specific outlets, rebooting equipment remotely, and avoiding the need to send technicians to resolve issue onsite, saving time and money. Create and manage user accounts to promptly handle issues when they arrise with flexible access rights.

Switched PDUs provide a comprehensive view of power usage in a data center. The monitoring display offers quick access to the PDUs power readings: Current, Volts, Watts, Power Factor and kWh’s. By monitoring these critical variables, data center managers can evaluate energy-usage trends and ensure maximum uptime.