Simple and efficient workflow management

Simple and efficient workflow management

Lincoln, NE., September 2, 2015 -  Geist DCIM continues to improve their asset management solution with its most recent update to Environet Asset®, which now includes a more comprehensive workflow engine. The newest version expands on the previous workflow system, combining a user-friendly interface with a streamlined and efficient implementation process.

“Our aim is to create solutions that solve problems and make data centers more efficient.” Matt Lane, President of Geist DCIM explains. “Environet Asset’s integrated workflow management system helps us accomplish that goal for our customers.”

The new interface provides users with easy to use, intuitive navigation. The ability to easily create entire projects, which encompass multiple work orders and tasks, allows users to plan effectively for changes within the data center. Now, instead of manual processes to acquire and enter asset information, the enhanced workflow engine automates the process and tracks progress from start to finish. Notification messages are automatically sent to all key personnel, providing full communication and insight to each important step along the way. Once approved, all changes are automated within the system to provide an updated and accurate database.

The ability to visualize all planned changes is also included in the newest version. Users are able to view the current status along with the expected status after the planned changes take effect. By providing future visualizations, Environet Asset simplifies the capacity planning process and provides each user with an understanding of how changes will affect the data center. With an accurate and approved plan in place, each individual and department will know when and where changes will occur, helping avoid any confusion surrounding asset management.

The improved workflow management system comes standard with Environet Asset.

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