NOC Around the Clock: 4 Facts You Didn't Know About LightBound's Network Operations Center

NOC Around the Clock: 4 Facts You Didn't Know About LightBound's Network Operations Center

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October 2012LightBound’s Network Operations Center (NOC) has always been a key component to the development of our business. Its continuous work behind-the-scenes has allowed us to provide quality service to customers, as well as given us the ability to grow and advance within numerous aspects of the business. In other words, the NOC is part of LightBound’s core which allows us to permanently function as a successful IT service provider.

However, many customers and friends may be unaware of this importance. It's location makes it easy to miss the space that holds the most valuable tools to our company. Set back, away from our main office space in a cool, high-tech, closed-door “cave” inside the data center, the NOC staff diligently keeps a watchful eye and a helpful hand on the back-end to all of our services.

LightBound NOC

To get a better look into that space, we have listed four facts about the NOC that you may not have known.

1. They wear multiple hats. The range of services that the NOC technicians provide to our customers and to our internal staff is limitless. Just some of the tasks include monitoring more than 1500 circuits, monitoring the temperature, power, and colocation equipment in three data centers, supporting PBXs, visiting off-site locations for installs, upgrades, and repairs, monitoring security 24X7X365, monitoring statewide weather for power loss or high temperatures, serving current customer inquiries, and training new staff members in-house.

2. They are the heart of LightBound. As mentioned previously, the NOC is a core component to LightBound’s business, and without the NOC technicians, the company couldn’t operate. The staff has the ability to act as a full service network management system to deal with any problems, questions, or configuration changes.  To make it even better, we have staff members onsite 24X7X365 so there is always someone at hand to serve you. (Holidays too!)

3. They proactively prepare for the unexpected. Being up-to-date on current statewide weather conditions are just a part of being prepared for the unexpected. For most severe cases like power outages, high temperatures,  tornadoes, thunderstorms, and ice storms the NOC staff is on-hand during the duration of the condition to proactively keep customers updated and provide constant communication throughout the process- no matter what time of day.

4. They are growing. Thanks to recent business increases, the NOC has internally restructured and added more technicians to our staff. As we continue to grow, the NOC can provide multiple technicians per shifts, which guarantees even better efficiency and production for our customers.

As LightBound continues to prosper, so does our NOC. With a great future ahead, you can expect to hear more awesome changes and growth happening our way!

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