Geist DCiM to Host Environet Webinar June 27th

Geist DCiM to Host Environet Webinar June 27th

This Webinar is closed. Thank you for your interest! Check back for our next DCiM Webinar this fall.

Event Summary

Geist DCiM will host a Webinar on June 27th titled "Why Choose Environet DCiM, today!"

Join us at 1:00p.m. EST on June 27th to learn why Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCiM) is a mission critical focus for data centers and facilities management teams! See why over 150 satisfied clients are using Geist's Environet as their DCiM solution. The webinar will include a live Environet demo, Q&A, and a chance to chat with Geist DCiM Panelists.

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