Coping with High Density Heat Using Innovative Airflow Solutions – A talk by Geist’s Bryce Kleen

Coping with High Density Heat Using Innovative Airflow Solutions – A talk by Geist’s Bryce Kleen

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Lincoln, NE, October 22, 2013 - Geist Global cooling engineer Bryce Kleen will be presenting a high-density airflow case study on October 23rd at the Critical Facilities Summit being held at the Charlotte Convention Center, NC.

Starting at 2:45 p.m. in Room 217D, ‘Dealing with Heat in a High Density Data Center’ will cover a number of topics, such as the importance of DCiM in the airflow equation and the flexibility of containment solutions, but primarily it concentrates on the innovative rationale behind a long-term, cost-effective Opengate By Geist airflow implementation in a Colocation facility.

Bryce says: “This seminar will be very illuminating for those struggling to cool high density servers in the data center. During my talk I’ll highlight how our solution effectively eliminated hot spots, a major concern of the Colo operator, and how ultimately we delivered a cost-beneficial, long-term operational solution.”

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