BCD Travel Finds a Solution with Environet

BCD Travel Finds a Solution with Environet

BCD Travel automated CRAC view via Environet DCiM.

For more than 30 years, BCD Travel has been a recognized leader in providing travel services in a variety of industries. With more than 13,000 professionals focusing on quality travel management, BCD Travel boasts a proven track record of superior service with a 95% client retention rate. With core services including travel management, meeting management and travel industry consulting, BCD Travel is known for their empowered management practices, customer customization and partnership approach to business. Providing automated tools and processes ensure that their travel agents focus on service delivery not complex booking procedures. BCD Travel implements online booking tools and continually improves online adoption, centralized support, operational excellence, and workflow technologies to provide superior performance across borders. To maintain the quality service their clients have come to expect, BCD Travel relies on the upkeep of numerous data centers spanning multiple continents.

A New Addition

In 2008, BCD Travel decided to expand their data centers in North America by building a new data center in Atlanta, Georgia. To monitor this data center, BCD Travel needed a highly reliable, comprehensive system. Previously, the company’s data centers employed rudimentary monitoring systems that used analog signals such as temperature and humidity, as well as, dry contacts for status of equipment. 

Director of Data Center Operations, Tom Dileo says, “We began to search for a comprehensive product suite that would integrate with our new infrastructure through multiple protocols such as SNMP, Modbus, LONworks, etc. We also required a friendly Web based graphical interface which would present a clear view of the status of our entire infrastructure.” Implementing a system that monitored their new data center efficiently, accurately, and comprehensively was imperative.

Dileo recalls that, “[BCD Travel’s] selection of Geist’s Environet solution was made based on the integration capabilities, intuitive interface and for the company’s genuine desire to work with us to customize a solution based upon our needs, wants and desires.”

Flexible Monitoring

After implementing Environet, BCD Travel was impressed by the flexibility of the comprehensive system. “There is so much flexibility in the product’s ability to store data, warn and alarm. These features allow us to perform trend analysis and to be proactive rather then reactive in monitoring growth.” Dileo notes.

The customization of the system allowed BCD Travel to make adjustments based on their needs. “I asked for an automated way to start/stop our individual HVAC units based on defined temperature thresholds. The team delivered this request without any hesitation or trouble”, says Dileo. In addition to meeting BCD Travel’s customization and integration needs, Environet’s automated start/stop function for the HVAC system started showing a return on investment almost immediately. In just over a year, employing the automated CRAC Manager has decreased the six CRAC unit’s run time by approximately 20%. That translates into an annual savings of over $23,000—and that’s just one of many ROI measures.

Not only did Geist provide a quality product and fast ROI, but working with the Geist team was an exceptional experience. “I consider our relationship with Geist a true partnership. They have been there for us right from the start, from design phase to providing a comprehensive solution at a reasonable price point.”

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