DCIM Consultation

DCIM Consultation



Geist offers a number of premium data center services from our industry leading integrations specialists. We provide a comprehensive process for your Environet system. From specifying a system to ordering equipment to installing Environet, Geist offers a one-stop shop for all your management needs.

Deliverable Features

Consulting for Data Centers

Geist is vendor independent so our team can offer an unbiased recommendation for monitoring data center equipment. All data centers are unique and our solutions are customized to address the nuances of each data center. In addition to widely accepted industry key performance indicators, we understand our clients’ goals and objectives and provide information that is important to each individual client.

Project Proposal

Our engineers customize your DCIM system to match the architecture of your facility and meet your specific business needs. We will provide a comprehensive outline of our recommendations for the most effective solution for your facility. The project proposal will incorporate the scope of your project so you understand the steps required for implementation.

Systems Solutions

Our industry leading integration specialists seamlessly combine your current systems with DCIM software and any required hardware. Our engineers can help scale solutions based on your facility. Whether you have a closet in need of temperature control or a full data center requiring a comprehensive DCIM solution, get peace of mind knowing the solution was designed and implemented by a team of experts.