August 12, 2013 — Geist develops intelligent fan system that monitors and evacuates heat from small network/IT rooms and data center closets.

Network Switch Cooling Solution

August 9, 2013 — Leading data center infrastructure provider Geist develops an innovative network switch cooling solution. The SwitchAir product line reduces heat by directing cool airflow to critical network switches within the rack.

June 28, 2013— Geist, a leading provider of data center infrastructure management solutions, has introduced a turnkey system that allows data center managers to easily deploy a sophisticated environmental monitoring network within hours.

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Event Summary

Geist DCiM will host a Webinar on June 27th titled "Why Choose Environet DCiM, today!"

2013 DCiM Symposium

8 May 2013, Denver, CO—Geist hosted the second annual Geist Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCiM) Symposium on May 7th in Denver, Colorado. Nearly 100 data center experts from across the country joined the daylong summit to explore the state and future of DCiM solutions around the globe.

Geist Tradeshow DCW London

14 MARCH 2013 LINCOLN, NE – All eyes of the biggest movers and shakers in the data centre management world were on London between February 27– 28th, when the Data Centre World Conference and Expo took over the prestigious ExCel centre in London's Docklands.

DCiM Racknet Screen Shot Facility View

6 FEBRUARY 2013 LINCOLN, NE – Geist, a leading provider of data center management solutions, announces that its DCiM (Data Center Infrastructure Management) division is now serving its 100th customer.

Tests Prove Geist Power Distribution Units' Accuracy

9 JANUARY 2013 LINCOLN, NE – The outlet power monitoring line of power distribution units (PDUs) from Geist passed a rigorous battery of independent US and international accuracy testing, showing that the Geist PDU line is within one percent accuracy of power readings recorded by their products at the outlet level, and measures within one percent of the voltage, frequency and temperature reading.

November 2012—"Efficiency is a key benefit from effectively managing power and collecting critical data, and this allows data centre managers to notice inefficiencies and implement better practices for improved performance," says Geist Technical Communications Manager, Jefferie Mitchell in the December edition of Inside Networks.

November 2012—President of Geist DCiM, Matt Lane, recently wrote an article for Data Center Journal on 5 Reasons a DCiM Install Fails. The article covers common DCiM installation pitfalls and what questions to ask prior to choosing a sol

Cosentry Lenexa Data Center Implements AgileAir and Environet

24 October 2012–Acknowledging the leverage of high density computing systems, Cosentry collaborates with Morrissey Engineering and Geist to design and implement high capacity data center energy management systems that enable use of the latest technologies from companies like EMC, Cisco, VMWare and VCE Systems.


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