Geist is known for its PDU pedigree, fast custom delivery and excellent customer service, offering thousands of power strips available in 3-5 days.

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Airflow solutions that push the envelope and deliver cost savings of 40% over conventional data center cooling, including network switches and closets.

Cool Down

Monitor and track critical environmental points in data centers to produce an efficient and well-maintained environment; maximizing uptime.

Monitor It

Provide a single pane of glass to real-time monitoring, predictive future capacity, and workflow management to maximize efficiency and optimize costs.

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“Reliability of infrastructure equipment is the number one priority for data center owners and operators. Geist completely tests every single unit before it leaves our factory, so you can be sure our PDUs will not let you down. That means your personal downtime can be worry-free, not worrisome.”

-- Brad Wilson
President, Geist

The Number One Cause For DC Downtime Is UPS Failure [Infographic]
The Number One Cause For DC Downtime Is UPS Failure [Infographic]

Even if your UPS is out of sight, it should never be out of mind. Keep close tab on your secondary power supply - and on supporting infrastructure - to facilitate uninterruptible data center operations. 
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This is my downtime - Savio Gough
This is My Downtime - Savio Gough

Savio Gough, Systems Engineer at Geist, has a powerful perspective on how he redefines his downtime. It's his greatest gift. Click the image above to watch.

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How Geist Delivers 100% Product Reliability Testing - White Paper
How Geist Delivers 100% Product Reliability Testing [White Paper]

Geist can promise that ongoing reliability over a warranty period that easily trumps industry standards. This is because we have crafted rigorous processes that aim to preempt failures for the duration of a PDU’s life expectancy. This white paper defines what those processes look like.Download