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Geist Data Center Solutions

Geist is a leading data center provider for power strips, monitoring equipment, cabinet containment and in-rack cooling, and DCiM systems. Geist's power strips are tailored to meet each client's needs and provide unbeatable performance in the data center. Our industry leading monitoring and cooling solutions increase data center efficiencies and make going green easier than ever before.

With over 450 instances of our DCIM software installed on five continents monitoring over 500,000 equipment cabinets in 1,500 environments, Geist creates comprehensive data aggregation systems that automate data center reporting and provide critical infrastructure management tools. Our two data center monitoring and management systems, Environet and Racknet, fit all needs from power strip aggregation to enterprise level DCiM systems.

Our customer focus has motivated Geist to become a world leader in designing and manufacturing sophisticated data center management solutions for the four cornerstones of operations – power, cool, monitor and manage.


Geist reveals Environet Asset and Environet Facility, at Gartner Data Center, Infrastructure and Operations Management Conference, Dec. 2 – 5, in Las Vegas, NV - Read More

Geist is pleased to declare its support for the Open Cloud Server (OCS) specification version 2, which is to be showcased at the Open compute EU Summit at the Ecole Polytechnique in Paris on 30-31 October - Read More

Small Room Cooling - exceptional limited time pricing offer for Geist Opengate RAC10 units - Read more details on RAC10 promotional pricing

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