Geist is known for its PDU pedigree, fast custom delivery and excellent customer service, offering thousands of power strips available in 3-5 days.

Power Up

Airflow solutions that push the envelope and deliver cost savings of 40% over conventional data center cooling, including network switches and closets.

Cool Down

Monitor and track critical environmental points in data centers to produce an efficient and well-maintained environment; maximizing uptime.

Monitor It

Provide a single pane of glass to real-time monitoring, predictive future capacity, and workflow management to maximize efficiency and optimize costs.

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“We consistently deliver our build-to-order PDUs to our customers when they want them. 90 percent of our global product is delivered within three weeks, and we often fulfill deliveries in as few as three days, when required – making us consistently super fast."

Brad Wilson
Executive Vice President - Geist

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Proactive Monitoring for the Data Center- Infographic
Proactive Monitoring for the Dynamic Data Center [Infographic]

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Enhanced collaboration, scalability and the low costs of IT infrastructure maintenance have proven godsends for organizations switching to cloud deployments. With comprehensive data center monitoring in place, facility operators can more eectively rein in risks as they boost return on investment.

Power Distribution Units from order to delivery in as few as 3 days
Superfast PDUs

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Geist can deliver rack PDUs within three days. 90% are delivered within three weeks. 

Powering the Cloud: Using Intelligent PDUs to Prevent the Storms of Downtime |White Paper
Powering the Cloud [White Paper]

Download White Paper by selecting the image above. While it is hard to find fault with many of these benefits, there is one concern that has cropped up on occasion, and its impact has been felt by organizations with even the deepest pockets: data center downtime. Now more than ever, the importance of optimized power infrastructure in the data center is mission critical.