Geist Launches Version 3.7 for Environet DCiM Systems

Geist Launches Version 3.7 for Environet DCiM Systems

Environet's Rack Manager

1 October 2012, Fort Collins, CO—Today, Geist launches the 3.7 release for their Environet DCiM systems. The upgrade includes the highly anticipated Rack Manager which allows users to manage racks in the data center on their own. Simply add the desired racks, identify and associate the power strips, branch circuits, or any other power or temperature readings. Get total power, load balance, high temperature, and a variety of other user-definable calculations. In addition to defining rack calculations, users can now see a graphic on the rack view for each of their racks that depicts calculations such as total power, load balance, and temperature.

This latest upgrade includes a fully enhanced version of the old maintenance schedule called the Maintenance Manager. The new feature allows users to schedule maintenance windows in advance for pre-defined times, receive reminders when maintenance is due, document instructions, schedule recurring maintenance and automatically place selected devices into maintenance mode.

Version 3.7 also includes improved tenant views from the Tenant Manager. The updated tenant views include the ability to monitor a tenant's circuit usage via bar graphs which depict real-time data such as power and load.

President of Geist DCiM, Matt Lane, explains, “Version 3.7 provides some highly anticipated features that will make managing your Environet system at the rack-level easier than ever before. Giving users the ability to associate data to racks gives them immediate flexibility and control over the data being monitored. The graphical improvements allow users to visualize real-time data more efficiently and drill down to view pieces of data.”