The Keys to Powerful DCIM

The Keys to Powerful DCIM


Real-time Monitoring

Site ViewLeak Detection View

Environet alerts urgent situations the second they occur. This real-time monitoring brings the activity of a single facility or an enterprise of data centers into a single graphical view to immediately alert users of potential threats before they become catastrophic.

Users can visually identify when conditions deviate from preset operating ranges. Technicians can be deployed to protect critical data center equipment from becoming damaged. Wall-to-wall and around the globe, Environet monitors the entire data center enterprise in real-time.



Asset Management

Cabinet AssetsAsset Manage Spreadsheet

Track a data center enterprise’s servers and critical inventory in a central database.

Environet’s Asset Manager provides a detailed list of all servers and their location in the data center. Server data easily imports from an external data file or can be added within the software. A link in the table displays the rack location of the server within the data center.



Automated Control

Opengate AirflowCRAC Sequencer

Environet delivers facility efficiencies by intelligently managing building infrastructure.

Overcooling a data center costs thousands in unnecessary electrical bills every year, but undercooling leads to catastrophic damage to critical servers. Environet addresses this issue head-on by measuring key environmental readings throughout the data center and coordinating CRAC units to run intelligently. Coupled with Dynamic Containment or used independently, Environet’s automated control offers the tools to manage the data center environment while reducing unnecessary utility costs.



Capacity Planning

Capacity Planning

Manage space constraints and facility limitations with detailed room level views and easy to use simulation tools.

Every data center faces unique growth and expansion challenges. Whether it’s power, cooling or physical space issues, Environet visualizes and calculates the requirements for expanding a data center using its capacity planning tools.