New Thermographic View

New Thermographic View

Environet DCiM Thermographic View

22 March 2011, Fort Collins, CO—Geist DCiM introduces a new version of the Thermographic View. The Thermographic View displays floor plans with color coded temperature values which allow clients to identify "hot spots" in real time.

Historically, Environet’s thermographic view displayed temperatures in block segment across the floor plan. The new Thermographic View blends colors associated with real-time sensor readings for a smoother visualization of temperatures. Now clients can better picture their hot and cold aisles for more efficient temperature monitoring.

“This new thermographic view gives a better visualization of hot and cold spots within the data center. This improved view allows clients to see instantaneous data center temperatures and how they differ throughout the room to allow for more efficient heating and cooling processes.” Matt Lane, Geist DCiM President.

Temperature readings can be obtained from most any temperature sensing device including the Wired Environmental Monitoring line of products from Geist (RSx) , the newly released Wireless Environmental Monitoring line of products also from Geist (RS-Wi), as well as a variety of other sensors and manufacturers.