Geist Unveils Environet Asset at Gartner Conference

Geist Unveils Environet Asset at Gartner Conference


LINCOLN, NE., Nov. 25, 2014 – Geist, a leading innovator of DCIM solutions, will reveal Environet Asset and Environet Facility, at Gartner Data Center, Infrastructure and Operations Management Conference, Dec. 2 – 5, in Las Vegas, NV.

Environet Asset simplifies the process of visualization and management of both the logical and physical data center infrastructure. Providing users with the information needed to effectively manage assets, networks, power, and space ranks high on Geist’s DCIM solutions. The enterprise visualizations provide easy navigation throughout the data center, from the site level down to each individual connection. Environet Asset’s drag-and-drop functionality makes connection mapping simple.

The module understands where available capacity exists and utilizes work orders to effectively manage the entire asset lifecycle. Dashboards and reporting provide real-time visuals for what is happening within the data center and facility infrastructure.

Environet Facility simplifies monitoring by integrating multiple communication protocols into one complete system. It provides the data granularity for efficient management of both the facility and the data center infrastructure. Environet Facility transforms complexity into simplicity with unprecedented visibility and management over environmentals, power consumption and cooling.

Its graphically rich interface and intuitive design make monitoring facility and data center equipment easier than ever before. Monitoring facilities becomes proactive rather than reactive with the module. Real-time monitoring brings the activity of a single facility, or an enterprise of data centers, into a single graphical view to immediately alert users of potential threats. It can be customized to integrate many different types of devices using industry standard protocols. Utilizing Geist’s large, existing template database, implementation becomes a true turnkey solution

Gartner Conference attendees can be part of the initial unveiling demos at Geist’s booth. The demo will highlight enterprise visualizations, connection mapping, capacity and workflow management, along with dashboards and reporting. For more information on Environet Asset or other Geist products, visit

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