Geist Releases Wireless Monitoring System (RS-Wi)

Geist Releases Wireless Monitoring System (RS-Wi)

RS-Wi Data Center Wireless Monitoring System

11 May 2011, Lincoln, NE—Geist announces the release of the RS-Wi, a wireless solution designed for easy integration with facility monitoring and management systems. The convenient wireless design helps reduce installation costs associated with hard-wired sensors and systems.

The RS-Wi comes equipped with 418 and 900 megahertz radio receivers capable of receiving signals from standard transmitters sensing temperature, humidity, motion, power, dry contact, analog (4-20mA), 0-5VDC, and 0-10VDC signals. The wireless solution integrates these signals to facilities monitoring systems in the form of SNMP, Modbus TCP/IP, Modbus RTU, and BACnet/IP.

The RS-Wi can receive signals within 100 feet (30.48m) of open air space with the 418 Mhz frequency and up to a quarter mile (402.34m) of open air space with the 900 Mhz frequency.

The RS-Wi can be integrated into most systems, or operate as a stand alone system. However, Geist recommends using the wireless solution with an Environet Data Center Monitoring System. When used in conjunction with Environet, the RS-Wi pulls data into single aggregated view for easy monitoring and notification.