Geist Offers Additional Environmental Monitoring Products and Sensors

Geist Offers Additional Environmental Monitoring Products and Sensors

GBB15 POE and GTHD Environmental Sensors

23 August 2012, Lincoln, NE—Today, Geist releases the GBB15 and GBB15 POE, the newest additions to their line of self-contained environmental monitoring units. With on-board temperature, humidity, and dew point sensors, the compact units monitor climate variables that threaten critical data center equipment. Monitored data can be accessed in real-time via a Web interface and users can receive immediate notifications via SNMP, email, and text messages when a user-defined threshold is exceeded. Four additional plug-and-play climate sensors can be attached to the GBB15 to expand its monitoring capabilities. The GBB15 POE is equipped with “Power Over Ethernet” removing the need for access to A/C power.

Geist is also releasing the GTHD and the GT3HD climate sensors. These sensors connect to the GBB15 or Geist’s entire line of environmental monitoring products and intelligent power strips to remotely measure temperature, humidity, and dew point. The GT3HD offers two additional sensor ports to supply temperature monitoring to the top, middle and bottom of the data center cabinet.  Users can daisy-chain multiple GTHD/GT3HD sensors and use one master unit to collect all the data through a single port. 

Brad Wilson, Executive Vice President for Geist stated, “These new additions to our monitoring product line make it simple to incorporate a network of sophisticated monitoring capabilities to protect a data center without a huge price tag.”