Environet is breaking walls with cross platform integration

Environet is breaking walls with cross platform integration

Lincoln, NE., September 15, 2015 – With the upcoming release of its recently enhanced RESTful API, Geist DCIM continues to improve integration with 3rd party software. Geist’s RESTful API provides a simple, reliable, and scalable solution for businesses looking to share information between multiple software systems. Geist is committed to providing an open, bi-directional architecture that is easily configurable by users and provides simple functionality. The improved API platform ensures that Environet and other business management systems work together as effectively as possible.

Geist DCIM’s President, Matt Lane, states, “Geist understands that our end users need the flexibility to incorporate data from our DCIM solutions into existing software applications. Our 4.4 version of Environet Facility improves this capability, both in the amount of data that is available and the simplicity of accessing the critical information. Geist is proud to be on the forefront of software providers which promote open integration.”

Environet has the ability to share real-time information for connected devices and process the gathered information into actionable intelligence. The RESTful API ensures that this critical information is easily shared using a direct and simple method. Environet is engineered to give users additional options rather than limit them to certain integration solutions. The improved API feature aligns with Geist’s goal of having one interface that streamlines the management of the data center.

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