DCIM real-time monitoring offers numerous advantages

DCIM real-time monitoring offers numerous advantages

DCIM tools allow IT to track power usage and monitor temperature of the server room in real time.

Data center infrastructure management tools provide a top-down look at the inner workings of data centers. By offering this comprehensive viewpoint, DCIM software helps companies emphasize effective network and power management. In addition, data gathered from sensors placed around the facility allow systems to monitor power and temperature, among other metrics.

One of the most important advantages of DCIM systems is the real-time monitoring of fixed assets. With DCIM, companies can gain live, actionable data that can then be used to better control the assets of the facility and ensure that energy, equipment and floor space are used as efficiently as possible.

What can real-time data prevent?
Server room function is perhaps the most important metric for the data center. These facilities have to maintain a steady temperature and humidity level, or there will be increased risk of disaster in the form of fire or water leak, at the two opposite ends of the spectrum. The negative aspect of a data center fire is obvious, but a water leak can be just as devastating if it catches a data center unawares. Water can cause short circuiting, which can lead to server downtime. With DCIM environment and data center temperature monitoring, humidity changes and water leaks can be brought to the attention of IT staff quickly.

According to TechTarget, DCIM tools are designed to give better analysis and insight into energy utilization of various systems. DCIM provides managers with live information that they can then take and apply to the data center environment. For instance, if power monitoring sensors indicate that power usage effectiveness is low for a certain period, IT can figure out how to solve this issue and get the PUE back to where it needs to be. This is the important factor - how IT takes the data presented by DCIM and uses it to maintain the health of different systems.

Searching for the solution
Finding the right colocation or data center partner is crucial when companies are looking to make the most out of their relationship with the data center. It's important to figure out whether a tech service provider is using DCIM solutions. When accurate knowledge of resource usage and visibility of the entire data center is available, it strengthens and optimizes server room productivity and tasks.

"Knowing what to ask and what to look for in a data center partner can help companies save valuable time and resources," Josh Moody, senior vice president of sales and marketing at FORTRUST, told CIO Today. "Businesses entrust a large component of their livelihood to their data center, so it's important to work with someone with integrity and who will follow through."

DCIM solutions like Geist's Environet Asset are essential tools for effectively managing assets, networks, power and space within data center environments. The real benefit comes from the fact that all of this data is available in real time. This allows for task optimization and effective workflow management without worry.