The core elements of DCIM [Infographic]

The core elements of DCIM [Infographic]

DCIM can help simplify data center management.

Data center infrastructure management has the potential to be a very daunting task. As if the immediate well-being of the expensive equipment in operators' care wasn't concern enough, these technicians also have to worry about the long-term effects of downtime. Unscheduled outages in the data center can result in significant lost opportunity for businesses – up to $7,900 per minute, according to the Ponemon Institute. 

It doesn't help that there are so many potential causes for outages: overheating servers, natural disasters, a water leak, a power outage, a failure of the uninterruptible power supply and unbalanced electrical loads, just to name a few. 

To alleviate the daily pressures put on data center staff and to help prevent downtime, facility managers turn to data center infrastructure management (DCIM) software for help.

What can DCIM do for your data center?

DCIM's purpose is to aggregate the many thousands of data points in real time within a data center, and funnel it all into a single user interface. From here, visualizations make it easy for data center managers to track power consumption and environmental conditions (i.e. temperature, humidity). Should allowable thresholds be exceeded, the appropriate staff will receive automatic alerts so they can react quickly. 

"Staff can analyze the data that is collected to make smarter decisions."

Equally as important, staff can analyze the data that is collected to make smarter decisions about the future of a facility. This helps managers plan for capacity increases and other events that may in some way impact the data center environment. 

How is this all achieved?

For DCIM to be truly effective, it needs to supply users with a minimum of seven core elements.

Below is a graphic that identifies each of these elements, why they matter and how they supply data center managers with the level of omniscience needed to operate a dynamic facility:

Contact Geist to learn more about how DCIM can serve your data center.Contact Geist to learn more about how DCIM can serve your data center.