3 great benefits of satellite PDUs

3 great benefits of satellite PDUs

Satellite PDUs can help simplify network infrastructure.

Effective power distribution is one of the most important parts of maintaining the data center environment. When IT managers have a better grasp of what kind of power is flowing into and through their facilities, greater efficiency can be achieved and, in some cases, unfortunate incidents can be avoided through careful monitoring of power systems. Satellite PDUs provide the kind of technology necessary to keep data centers functioning at the optimum level while simultaneously simplifying network infrastructure.

Increase data center efficiency
Satellite PDUs allow data center managers to keep their eyes on the energy usage of their facilities while only utilizing one IP address. Remote capable devices can be connected under the same IP address when using satellite units - something that would not be possible otherwise. With this kind of remote reporting capability, these PDUs can raise the alarm for issues at the outlet, breaker, circuit and aggregate levels, all using only one IP address.

How does this impact efficiency in the data center? The fewer IP addresses necessary, the less complexity there is in the network. Complexity in the data center can be tricky and result in less efficient network processes. In fact, a survey conducted in 2012 indicated that IT complexity was driving data center downtime. While there are many kinds of IT complexity, network infrastructure environments are something that the satellite PDU can help with. By connecting remote parts with only one IP address, networks can become easier to manage.

Reduce operational costs
Satellite PDUs aren't just good for maximizing network capabilities while simultaneously simplifying infrastructure. By making sure the power flowing into the facility is being utilized well, successful satellite PDUs can help companies reduce the amount of IT spending related to energy. Energy Star recommends that data centers invest in energy-efficient power distribution technology, which can include switched rack PDUs that come with controlled on/off switching - just like Geist's satellite PDU equipment. By investing in this kind of technology, companies can see clear energy savings. For instance, Energy Star noted that Target was able to save 261,000 kilowatts per year by switching to a more efficient PDU infrastructure. This translates to money saved in energy costs and equipment maintenance in the long run.

Protect operations
Unfortunately, data centers are susceptible to power surges, which can cause a loss of data and can be detrimental to a colocation service provider's reputation in the long run - not to mention data center outages are expensive. For example, in mid-August 2015, tech giant Google experienced an outage following four lightning strikes near its data center in Belgium, according to EETimes. A power surge caused by the storm resulted in the loss of data on the facility's persistent disk space. The company announced that 0.000001 percent of the total persistent disk space in the Belgium facility was unable to be recovered following the incident. This may not sound like a lot of data - but it still means that some Google customers permanently lost what could have been vital information.

"Although automatic auxiliary systems restored power quickly, and the storage systems are designed with battery backup, some recently written data was located on storage systems which were more susceptible to power failure from extended or repeated battery drain," the company said in a statement following the event.

Satellite PDUs can help data centers avoid or reduce the impact of situations like the one Google faced. By successfully monitoring power usage and sending data back to a central command hub, this power equipment allows data center managers to be aware of a potentially threatening event and take steps to prevent or lessen the impact of it. In the long run, this will help companies reduce operational expenditures, as well. The cost of a data center outage increases every day, and anything companies can do to avoid that kind of situation can be crucial to day-to-day expenses.

Geist's satellite PDUs offer peace of mind to IT managers who want to simplify network infrastructure and reduce costs associated with outages or IT maintenance. Contact us today to find out how we can help.