Recap: 2013 DCIM Symposium

The 2013 Geist DCIM Symposium was a unique gathering of data center professionals with a commitment to educate and promote best practices in data center infrastructure management (DCIM). Hosted by Geist, a leading DCIM technology and software provider, this one day conference provided attendees with in-depth knowledge on Geist’s DCIM software solutions, Environet and Racknet, their integration capabilities, overviews of current industry trends, DCIM expert round tables, and more. Two knowledge tracks allowed users to customize their experience by attending relevant topic sessions.

Session topics included:

• Basic and Advanced Environet & Racknet Training
• Environet Certification Process
• DCiM Best Practices & Current Trends
• Cooling Best Practices & Current Trends
• Data Center Power Management
• New Integration
• Road Map for the Future
• Round Tables
• Case Studies
• Data Center Technology Showcase
• and More!