"This is My Downtime" - Savio Gough

"This is My Downtime" - Savio Gough

As far back as I remember, my working life has been very busy. In the earlier days of my career, working very long shifts during both days and nights would swallow up huge amounts of time. Before I knew it, days and weeks would pass before I caught up with family and friends. Now having a young family, I understand the necessity of having a solid work life balance – being able to give it all while at work but also having the time and energy to enjoy dedicated downtime with my wife and kids. I am glad to work for a company that promotes a strong balance between my office and home life.

As a System Engineer at Geist, I juggle varying demands and projects – from scoping customer needs and providing technical support, to traveling to client sites for installs. Knowing that the work I do helps customers avoid downtime in their data centres is a responsibility that I take seriously. My work days rarely look the same and are never short of tasks that need to be completed. Our office in London, UK can be found in a crowded part of the city, where traffic and noise are constant. We love being close to the heart of London and appreciate the benefits our location provides us.

After a long day of prioritizing my work responsibilities and being in the city, retreating into the comfort of my home and spending time with my family gives me the recharge I need. The one constant through my busy days is my children’s delight and my wife’s warm smile as I arrive home in the evenings. 

Home for me is in Bromley, a borough in South East London, which is a beautiful place to live, with plenty of parks and commerce. Anyone living in England knows the weather isn’t particularly favorable most of the time, so when we get a chance to spend time outdoors, we grab it.  As a family we love exploring nature, whether it’s walking in the woods, skipping stones on the pond, feeding ducks or just taking in the fresh air. We cherish the time we spend together; catching up on each other’s days and learning from each other – playing, laughing, and generally just messing about brings us closer together.

I am grateful that working at Geist has afforded me with the ability to have fun, relax and regenerate by spending quality time with my family. At Geist, I work hard every day to design and build systems that help prevent data centre downtime, which provide our customers with the confidence to unplug from their work lives and enjoy their own downtime.  Having a balance between my passion for work and my love for my family is rewarding and a gift I treasure.

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