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Environet Functionality
Environet Functionality

What communications protocols are supported by Geist DCIM?

An Environet system supports almost any type of open protocol. Some examples include SNMP, Modbus TCP, Modbus RTU, BACnet, LONworks, etc. 

How many concurrent users can access the system at one time?

Geist DCIM solutions are Web-based and can support hundreds of simultaneous connections.

How much information can Geist DCIM's solutions monitor?

Environet is scalable to monitor from 10’s of points for a small installation to 10’s of thousands of points for a large enterprise solution. Our solutions are designed to be fully comprehensive regardless of the size of your monitoring needs.

Can Geist DCIM monitor information from multiple sites?

Yes. Environet is IP based which allows multiple sites to be monitored by users in multiple locations. Environet pulls the information into one, easy-to-use interface that displays live data of all your sites.

Demos & Purchasing
Demos & Purchasing

How can I see a demonstration of an Environet system?

We’d be happy to show you our solutions, along with all the features they have to offer. Contact us at 877.449.4150 for a live Web-based demonstration of Environet.

How and where can I purchase a Geist DCIM solution?

Geist DCIM offers several options for purchasing, and include various channels based on where our customers are located. For more information, just give us a call at 877.449.4150

What type of technical support is offered with an Environet system?

Each Environet system comes with a one year Priority support contract; which is optional following the first year. Our Priority support contract includes all system upgrades, technical support (via email and phone), and an annual system review. For clients who require support for adds, moves, and changes, we offer an additional level of support: Priority plus. Priority Plus includes a selected number of hours to use for Geist change requests.