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Cool FAQs

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Can my existing passive cabinet containment be converted to the ActiveAir system?

Yes, we have conversion kits available for many existing systems, and can create a tailor made conversion kit as needed.

Is an active rack containment system much more expensive than a passive one?

No it’s not.  Very often, a single ActiveAir system can be used to exhaust heat from 2-3 cabinets at a time which provides a very competitive price to passive while giving you control and monitoring features that passive solutions can’t.

How much more power will I need to utilize an active system?

An ActiveAir system only requires 200-300 watts per system, and therefore can utilize power provided by the A and B PDUs.

What trades are required for installation?

The units are very simple to install and can be completed in a couple hours.  Since they plug into a standard receptacle and because they don’t effect the mechanical workings of HVAC systems generally no licensed tradesmen are required.

Do cabinets need to be arranged in a certain pattern?

One of the biggest benefits to ActiveAir is that it doesn’t require cabinet to be in a straight even row.  Each cabinet can be dealt with individually.  If the exhaust of one cabinet points to the intake of another we don’t care.  The hot air is captured from the server exhaust and handled properly.

Do I need special doors that aren’t vented for this system to work?

No, the conversion kit includes rear door blanking material that converts vented doors to non-vented requiring only a few minutes per door.