Basic Transfer Switch

Basic Transfer Switch



Geist’s auto-transfer switch provides redundant power for single-corded IT equipment.  When it’s supporting legacy or specialized equipment that isn’t designed with a secondary/redundant power input, Geist’s ATS can help to ensure uptime by providing power to single-corded devices from separate input power sources.

The Geist Auto-Transfer Switch (ATS) allows you to automatically switch the load from the primary input to a secondary input source in the event of power loss. Co-location providers can often find single-corded equipment in their customer’s racks, but providing 100% uptime in these circumstances can be extremely difficult. By integrating a Geist ATS into the rack allows end-users the ability to change their single feed equipment into a dual feed with ease.

An ATS can help reduce potential downtime associated with single-corded IT equipment. For correct operation, Geist ATS units require the input feeds to be phase synchronized.