Watchdog 100 / 100-P

Watchdog 100 / 100-P

Utilize the following credentials to view the web demo for the Watchdog 100/100-P
Username: GeistDemo 
Password: powerup 



As with all Watchdogs, the Watchdog 100 allows users to keep an eye on remote conditions from a secure web interface and receive SNMP, e-mail, text message (via your carrier's email-to-SMS gateway) and voice call* alert notifications when user-specified thresholds are breached.

The web interface provides an overview of environmental measurements with real time sensor data. All measurements are logged allowing users to collect data for trending and capacity management. Up to 50 customizable alarms can be configured with alarm escalations per device.

The Watchdog 100 features four 0-5VDC / dry-contact analog inputs and two digital sensor ports. Up to four digital sensors can be connected by daisy-chaining sensors or using a standard splitter. A variety of optional plug-and-play sensors are available for use with the Watchdog 100 including but not limited to, temperature, humidity, airflow, water and smoke detection sensors, door position, power failure and more. One of the unique features of the Watchdog 100 is its relay contact port used to energize or de-energize an external device for automation.

At just 1U high and approximately 8.5" wide, the Watchdog 100 is a compact solution perfect for tight installments. The Watchdog 100 is shipped with rack-mount brackets offering flexible wire management options. Easily view and log temperature, relative humidity and dew point along with external sensors over the intranet or the Web. No software required - securely access the graphical user interface from a web browser.

On-board Sensors Temperature, Humidity/Dew Point
Firmware SNMP (v1, V2c, v3), email & email-to-SMS alerts, alarm escalations, logging, CSV logs, 3 access account levels
Ports Digital: 2, Analog: 4, Relay Output: 1


Special Features

SNMP, Email & SMS Alerts

The Watchdog 100 can trigger escalating alarms if temperature or humidity fall outside of specified parameters via SNMP, email and SMS messages (e-mail-to-SMS gateway). Pure SMS or voice call notifications could be triggered in conjunction with a relay-controlled auto-dialer.

No Software Required

The appliance is simple to install and use, requiring no special software other than a standard Web browser. It connects to an Ethernet network with a standard RJ45 connector and sends data in standard TCP/IP packets. It is easily configured with a simple menu using a Web browser and can be password protected with three access account level types: Administrator, Control, and View Only. From within an Intranet or over the Internet, the user can securely access the monitor by entering its IP address.

Watchdog 100/100-P Specifications

  • Temperature: -20° – 85°C, +/- 0.5°C
  • Humidity: 0 to 100%, +/- 2%
  • Power: 6VDC power supply, PoE IEE802.3af*
  • Ethernet: 10/100 Mbps, RJ-45 receptacle
  • Real Time Clock (RTC) with power backup
  • Reset IP push-button: restores factory defaults
  • Warranty: 1 year (extended warranties available)


  • CE, EN 55022 Class A, FCC Part 15 Class B, EN 55024

*Watchdog 100-P only

Watchdog 100/100-P Software Features

  • HTTP web access
  • Alarms: high/low values, multiple thresholds per sensor
  • ESMTP: email alerts, ESMTP auth SNMP (v1, v2c, v3): gets, trap and clear alerts, MIB
  • Paging: email to pager proxy
  • Syslog: send debug messages to Syslog server
  • Web cams (optional): Up to four can be displayed

Watchdog 100/100-P Power Supply

Product Number Input Plug Type Input Power Outlet Power
Watchdog 100 North America (NEMA 5-15) 100-240V, 50-60Hz 6VDC, 2A, 12W
Watchdog 100-UK British Standard (BS1363)    
Watchdog 100-UN

North America (NEMA 5015)
British Standard (BS1363)
Euro Plug (CSS7/16)

Watchdog 100-NPS No Power Supply No Power Supply No Power Supply



Access documentation pertaining to the Watchdog 100 and Watchdog 100-P.

Spec Sheet  
Watchdog 100 Spec Sheet Download
Watchdog 100-P Spec Sheet Download
Watchdog 100/100-P Spec Sheet (Chinese) Download


User Manual  
Watchdog 100/100-P Instruction Manual Download


Supporting Documentation  
Quick Set Up Guide Download


Monitor Firmware

WD- 15/100 Series Firmware

WD- 15/100 Series Firmware
WD- 15/100 Series Firmware

Firmware for WD100 devices
Firmware for WD15 devices

Version: 3.4.0
Release Date: March 5, 2019

We are pleased to announce firmware version 3.4.0 for Watchdog 15 and Watchdog 100 Monitors.  This firmware release includes bug fixes, enhancements, and security updates.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed Device Director discovery performance
  • Fixed internal device communications retry management
  • Fixed SNMPv3 trap credential management
  • Fixed SNMP reporting during system start-up
  • Fixed SNMP interface group instance number
  • Fixed SNMP OIDs ifMtu and ifSpeed which are now reported correctly
  • Fixed GT3HD sensor which now continues to log readings when partially available
  • Fixed syslog Fahrenheit alarm temperatures which are now displayed correctly 
  • Fixed A2D 4-20mA sensor "partially unavailable" status when current falls below 4mA
  • Fixed GUI binary mode sensor labels display
  • Fixed error handling during firmware update
  • Fixed DHCP back-off timing


  • Added ability to specify two NTP servers
  • Added SNMP MIB enhancements
  • Added ability to view the network link state
  • Added device admin information to alarm emails 
  • Added binary value custom labels to alarm emails
  • Added time and date to alarm emails
  • Added improved device identification to alarm emails
  • Added a SHA-256 self-signed certificate
  • Added increased login token length
  • Added Vertiv branding


  • Removed camera integration


Please Note:

  • Migration to v3.4.0 is available only for products running v3.0.0 or newer. For products running older firmware, please contact Vertiv Geist Technical Support for upgrade assistance.
  • Once you update firmware to v3.4.0, you may not downgrade to a previous version firmware. Please contact for any additional questions.

Change Log

WD- 1000 Series Firmware

WD- 1000 Series Firmware
WD- 1000 Series Firmware

Firmware for all WD1000 Series Devices

Version: 3.16.3
Release Date: 07/29/16

We’re pleased to announce firmware version 3.16.3.  This firmware release includes improved stability, resolution of performance issues and additional enhancements.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue with email alerts not sending when SSL/TLS connections are required.
  • Fixed issue where the MAC address was not reporting on standard OID.

Change log

Legacy Updates

Legacy Updates
Legacy Updates

Firmware for legacy devices is available here.

Click here to download WD15 Firmware 3.0.0
Click here to download WD100 Firmware 3.0.0
Click here to download WD15 Firmware 1.6
Click here to download WD100 Firmware 1.6
Click here to download RSE firmware
Click here to download RSMINI firmware
Click here to download RSMINI163 firmware
Click here to download RCM-O firmware
Click here to download RCM/RCU firmware
Click here to download RSM firmware
Click here to download RSP firmware
Click here to download RFC firmware

Changes contained in version v2.98 (6/29/2011):
-Note: Temperature logs were rescaled in v2.94. If updating from firmware before v2.94 temperature logs will be rescaled after updating to this firmware. Please download and save your log history prior to updating if you wish to maintain it.

-Fixed RSMINI163 IO port traps going out with wrong trap ID

Legacy download for Geist Automated Smart Updater (ASU). 

Click Here to Download Geist ASU v1.20.0.5

  • Supports Geist Upgradeable, WD15, and WD100 v3.3.2 firmware.

Geist's FAQ section aims to answer specific questions related to this product offering. If you need further support, please contact Tech Support directly.

Watchdog 100 / 100-P FAQs

Why do I have an alarm showing tripped even though the current value is below the threshold?

Each alarm has a 1 unit hysteresis built-in to help limit nuisance alarms. This means that a value must change by 1 unit before the alarm will clear. For example, if there is a temperature alarm set with a high trip of 75F, the value must fall below 74F before the alarm will actually clear.

How can I re-order the sensor OIDs on a Watchdog device?

To change the order in which sensors are mapped to an OID the user will need to unplug all sensors from the device and wait 1-2 minutes until they show unplugged on the web interface (will read unavailable at first). After they show unplugged, check the "remove all unplugged devices" box and then click the save changes button. After a couple minutes they can begin reconnecting sensors in the order you would like them in.

I set the IP address on my new device and can no longer access it, what do I do?

This is normal operation. When setting up a unit for the first time, the unit has a default IP address of When you change this IP, the address is no longer valid and the device and the computer connected to it are no longer on the same network. To communicate with the unit, reconfigure the computer to be on the same IP subnet as the device, or connect it to the network and access it from a network connected computer.

My Watchdog 100 is showing a higher temperature than what my thermostat is showing.

In still air environments the onboard sensor is susceptible higher temperature readings due to circuit board heating. With that, air temperatures in a room are rarely, if ever, uniform throughout the space, due to convection currents, relative proximity to sources of heat and cold air, and other thermal effects. Our Watchdog products have an internal temperature offset that you can adjust to compensate for board heating. This is found by selecting the Configuration Wrench in Sensors-Overview.