Outlet Level Monitoring

Outlet Level Monitoring

The GU Outlet-Level Monitored PDU offers real-time power consumption monitoring including voltage, real power, apparent power, power factor, and kilowatt hours down to the outlet level via secure web interface, SNMP, or SSH.

Geist’s PDUs offer important insights on how to improve data center energy efficiency while enabling you to prevent downtime, providing notifications when user-specified thresholds for power and climate conditions are breached.




Unit Level Monitoring PDUs Intelligence

1. USB

Functionality What it means for you
Integrate USB Flash Drive Enhance data logging capacity
Perform firmware updates and backup/restore of PDU configuration via USB stick. Provides alternate method for updating firmware across PDUs as well backing up and restoring configuration as needed.


2. Dual Ethernet Ports

Functionality What it means for you
Allows fault-tolerant daisy chaining of multiple devices. Daisy-chain PDUs together while ensuring connectivity with Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol support.


3. Environmental Monitoring

Functionality What it means for you
Interface a variety of plug-n-play sensors Monitor rack-level temperature, humidity, airflow, door position, leak detection and more.


4. VLC Display

Functionality What it means for you
Displays user-configurable real-time metrics Display real-time info useful in determining circuit load status and balancing
Visible Light Communication (VLC) Optically scan data from the PDU LED Display to a handheld device over the Geist App to provide comprehensive phase and circuit level data at your fingertips.



Alternating Phase/Outlet Configuration

Functionality What it means for you
Arrange outlets in a Phase A,B,C order on the PDU. Simplified load balancing for high density cabinets


High Density Outlet Configurations

Functionality What it means for you
PDUs available with up to 36 C-13 outlets in a single width, 72 inch chassis Enables users to add more equipment to a high density network enabled PDU and optimize available cabinet space.


U-Lock Receptacles

Functionality What it means for you
Interlocks standard C-13 and C-19 cord sets withstanding 45 pounds of force. Prevents unintentional dislodging of power cords, ensuring uptime and reliability.


Low Profile Breakers (select PDUs)

Functionality What it means for you
Protect damage caused by overcurrent, typically resulting from an overload or short circuit. Offers greater flexibility in scenarios where space is limited at the back of the rack for installation. Reduce depth in certain configurations.



Outlet Level Monitoring

Functionality What it means for you
Individual outlet level monitoring for a detailed view of the power distributed to specific equipment. Analyze power trends and perform capacity planning.


Data Logging

Functionality What it means for you
Log power metrics over time and export as needed Enables trending analysis to improve decision making with regards to IT infrastructure.



Functionality What it means for you
Alerts via Email & SNMP when user-specified thresholds are breached. Ability to configure escalating alerts per valid hours and with user-specified alarm delays and repeats. Prevent downtime by proactively monitoring the power and climate conditions around critical equipment.


Periodic Status Reports

Functionality What it means for you
Schedule Emails on an hourly or weekly basis with status of power and environmental conditions. Get timely status reports to proactively monitor and ensure optimum operations.



Input Power Monitoring

Functionality What it means for you
1% Accuracy (ANSI and IEC) Accurately reconcile power usage


High Temperature Grade

Functionality What it means for you
60C working ambient variants for high temperature environments.
UL 60C; CE 50C
Easily integrate GU2 PDUs in high density environments


Colored Chassis

Functionality What it means for you

Available in black, red, orange, yellow, green, blue and white


Easily identify input feeds and minimize downtime-causing errors.



Monitored PDU User Manual

Outlet Level Monitored Upgradeable PDU Download
IMD Product Overview Download


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