Geist Cooling Saves up to 40%

The Geist cooling solution earned the Uptime Institute's Green Enterprise IT Award.

Geist Cooling Saves up to 40%

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Data centers that rely on simple hot/cold aisle methods cool nearly 2.5 times too much to compensate for the mixing of hot and cold air. Geist's cooling system provides relentless heat containment for increased efficiency, which leads to up to a 40% saving on cooling costs.

  • Mixing of hot exhaust with cold supply air causes hot spots

  • On average, 60% of available cooling is wasted due to bypass and re-circulation airflow

  • Air is supplied well below ASHRAE temp limits to address hot air contamination and attempt to control temperature at rack intake

  • Despite this gross over-cooling, 10% of racks still experience hot spots

  • Relentless heat containment—the key to Geist’s Cooling System

Geist’s cooling philosophy centers on two critical components

  1. Containing heat
  2. Expelling heat directly to the CRAC units. This two-step focus maximizes efficiency while easily maintaining an ideal temperature throughout the data center.

Geist's cooling technology increases cooling efficiency

  • Contains and evacuates 100% of the heat—no heat mixes with the cooling, simplifying the cooling circuit

  • Heat exhaust is direct from the cabinets eliminating cool air bypass

  • Maximizes chiller plant efficiency with highest possible return air temperatures

  • Expertly manufactured chimneys and rack enclosures eliminate makeshift solutions like vinyl plastic sheeting

  • Maintains a perfectly controlled and consistent IT environment

Geist’s expertly manufactured chimneys and enclosures serve to contain heat far better than vinyl curtains and other makeshift methods. In addition, Geist’s sophisticated temperature and pressure sensors control fan speeds and exhaust hot air through the chimneys directly to the CRAC unit. The combination of hot air containment and intelligently controlled fan speed creates a consistent, climate-controlled environment in the data center and within the cabinet rows.

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