Built to Order

Custom Power Strips Built In Days

Custom Power Strips Built In Days

Geist designs and manufactures custom power strip requests under remarkable turnaround times.

At Geist, it is our mission to be the premier provider of products and services to our customers. To accomplish this mission our teams must respond quickly and deliver quality products in a timeframe that meets the customer’s needs.

In one recent instance, a large technology provider contacted Geist with the request to build 90+ power strips with the following specifications:

  • 18 receptacles
  • 6 - C-13 receptacles
  • 12  - C-19 receptacles
  • 60 Amp 3 Phase Delta with remote power monitoring
  • Must be a horizontal mount, with local display on receptacle side of unit

The Geist Customs team prepared the design, specs, and quote in just one day. Because the project was urgent, the customer promptly approved the design and placed an initial order for 60 of the 90+ power strips.

Within 48 hours of the order being placed, the Geist Engineering team created the final design documentation and orders for the custom product’s components were placed. Because Geist builds the chassis and creates labeling in-house, component lead times on the project were less than five working days.

After receiving all the components, a production sample was built in less than 24 hours. The production sample was then delivered to manufacturing and mass production began. Production completed and tested the 60 custom units in one day and the final order shipped 12 days after the customer’s initial request.

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Geist became an industry leader by offering the broadest set of PDUs available on the market today. From basic dumb units to sophisticated outlet level switching PDUs we have been providing quality products to the data center market for almost 20 years. It is our “build-to-order” approach to manufacturing that sets us apart from our competition.

Very few industry manufacturers are capable of building PDUs at the time of order. Typically, suppliers stock a limited range of products that they offer to their customers. So, if a customer requires build-to-order, production becomes cost-prohibitive and lead times too unmanageable for our competitors to make it work.Geist has streamlined and perfected a ‘just-in-time’ manufacturing process at its Lincoln, Nebraska campus, from where customers can choose from over 2,000 standard products and, if necessary, order custom units that ship within days.

With Geist, you get EXACTLY what you need, when you need it.

New and existing customers are each assigned a dedicated inside sales representative to assist with all aspects of doing business with Geist. From selecting a standard product or requesting custom quoting, to supporting the account after our product has shipped, all our customers deal with a single contact who knows their account inside and out.

For new orders, our reps work directly with customers to identify the product that best meets their needs. Using Geist’s online PDU finder, they help filter products by applying a range of attributes. Within seconds a list of products is displayed on screen that meets the project specifications. Detailed specs and drawings are immediately available online, showcasing the technical details of the product.

As soon as the desired product is identified and the purchase order received, the request can be entered into Geist’s operations management software to initiate the manufacture of the product.

Within a day of the order being placed, Geist’s Metalworks division begins the first steps in building the order from raw sheets of steel. The steel is loaded onto a state-of-the art Computer Numerically Controlled turret punch machine to form the exact pattern of the customer’s PDU. The finished products are quality tested before entering the bending phase of the project. During the bending phase trained technicians carefully mold the metal to the exact specifications laid out by the design drawings. Product is then carefully stacked and moved to the painting phase of the operation.

Geist installed a custom powder coat painting line designed specifically for our products.  Formed metal is carefully loaded on conveyor racks to be transferred through a two-step treatment and painting process. First, the metal is run through a degreasing phase where the metal is given a positive electric charge. This charge ensures the paint adheres to the metal. A fully cleaned and charged unit then heads to the paint station where it is given a thick black powder coat paint covering. Units are then baked to a pre-determined temperature to harden the finish. Product is quickly removed from the racks and stacked carefully, in preparation for delivery to Geist’s assembly line.

Approximately two days after an order is placed, the assembly line begins applying the appropriate hardware.  Receptacles and any required intelligent boards are added prior to connecting the wiring. Each wired connection is hand-soldered for the most effective and durable connection. The last step in the assembly process is adding the power cord. Once connected the unit is closed and ready for Quality Control testing. Geist puts all of its units through a rigorous, multi-functional testing process that includes load testing and ensuring that all units meet required conformance, and perform according to the product specification. Once testing is complete, the product is packaged and prepared for shipment.

Once fully assembled, tested and packaged, the product is prepped for shipping. Our inside sales rep will notify their customer that the product has shipped and sends a tracking number. For orders in excess of a pre-agreed value Geist pays for shipping as an added benefit to our customers.

Because orders tend to spike at various times throughout a month, it can be challenging maintaining our strict shipping dates. However, Geist’s ability to flex staff schedules and set up additional equipment and assembly lines, has allowed a five day ship time 99.7% of the time. No other PDU vendor runs their business the Geist way. Every aspect of our operation focuses on meeting our customers’ demand for more choices and fast delivery.

We take great pride in our ability to deliver the most reliable products built to customer specifications in just days. We are committed to our strict manufacturing processes and procedures and we invite you to see for yourself by placing your next PDU order with Geist. We can match most competitors product design and we’re competitively priced but without extensive lead times and limited choices.

Geist. Giving you EXACTLY what you want, when you need it.