Power Monitoring

Comprehensive monitoring for better planning.

Geist power monitoring provides site managers with a comprehensive view of power usage in a data center. Local and Web power monitoring display options offer quick access to the PDU’s current, volts, real power, apparent power, power factor and kilowatt hours. By monitoring these critical variables, data center managers can evaluate energy usage trends and ensure maximum uptime.

Geist’s outlet power monitoring line passed a rigorous battery of independent US and international accuracy testing which shows that the Geist PDU line is within one percent accuracy of power readings recorded by their products at the outlet level, and measures within one percent of the voltage, frequency and temperature reading. This degree of accuracy allows data center managers to reconcile their power usage at a very detailed level and pinpoint inefficiencies in the equipment throughout the data center.

The power monitoring PDUs’ two environmental sensor ports also provide the ability to track critical climate variables like temperature, air flow, humidity and dew point.

Remote power and environmental monitoring information is available through any Web browser, and no external software is needed. It’s the simple way to capture all the data needed to analyze trends and resolve issues before they lead to costly downtime.

Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) data traps permit the data to integrate with Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCiM) software.

This auto data transfer switch from Geist has plenty of features to ensure that it provides a reliable and effective redundant power service for single corded data centre equipment. It’s important that if the primary power source fails, the network has the ability to automatically recover without interruption and that’s what this data transfer switch provides. The Geist auto transfer switch includes features such as: auto switching relay, a double pole, double throw relay (DPDT) switching. It has a life expectancy at a rated load of 100 thousand operations and its operating and release time is less than 25 milliseconds. Geist’s data transfer switch is also UL and c-UL listed.

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