Watchdog 1200 / 1250

Watchdog 1200 / 1250



The Watchdog 1200 and Watchdog 1250 provide Web-based remote surveillance of temperature, relative humidity, dew point, airflow, light, sound and additional sensors connected to the unit. Configure SNMP, Email, and Email-to-SMS alerts when user-specified thresholds are breached.

  • Watchdog 1250 comes equipped with an LCD display with scrolling measurements and a built-in audible alarm.
  • Standard 1 year warranty (extended warranties available)
  • Power supplies available: North American; British; Universal
On-board Sensors Temperature, Humidity, Dew Point, Airflow, Light and Sound
Features Rackmount, audible alarm, LCD display (Watchdog 1250 Only)
Firmware SNMP (v1, V2c, v3), email & email-to-SMS alerts, alarm escalations, alarm delay, logging & graphing, XML & CSV logs, 3 access account levels, encryption via TLS/SSL, interfaces IP cameras
Ports Digital: 5, Analog: 3, Connect up to 16 digital sensors with splitters


Special Features

SNMP, Email & SMS Alerts

The Watchdog 1200/1250 can trigger multiple/escalating alarms if temperature or humidity fall outside of specified parameters via SNMP (v1, v2c, v3), email and SMS messages (e-mail to SMS gateway). For example, specify an email notification to one or more users at 70° F, add another layer of personnel to an additional email alarm at 80° F, add your third party contractor at 85° F...specify up to 200 alarms per unit.

Interface IP Network Cameras

The Web page interfaces up to four IP cameras (not included), allowing you a quick view of remote conditions, especially useful in event of alarm.

No Software Required

The appliance is simple to install and use, requiring no special software other than a standard Web browser. It connects to an Ethernet network with a standard RJ45 connector and sends data in standard TCP/IP packets. It is easily configured with a simple menu using a Web browser and can be password protected with three access account level types: Administrator, Control, and View Only. From within an Intranet or over the Internet, the user can securely access the monitor by entering its IP address.

Watchdog 1200/1250 Specifications

On-board Sensors:

  • Temperature: -22 to 185 °F (-30 to 85 °C), +/- 0.5 °C
  • Humidity: 0 to 100%, +/- 5%
  • Air Flow: 0 to 99 (relative value)
  • Light: Ambient light level
  • Sound: Average sound level 

Remote Sensor Supports:

  • Digital Sensor: 5 ports (expandable to 16 with splitters)
  • Analog Sensor: 3 inputs (contact closure, 0-5 VDC)
  • Power: 6VDC
  • Ethernet: 10/100 Mbps, RJ-45 receptacle
  • Real Time Clock (RTC) with power backup
  • Reset push-button: restores factory defaults
  • Chassis dimensions: 19” Rack-mount, 1-U space (17" wide with two 1" brackets, total of 19" wide, 1.5" high and 1 5/8" deep).
  • LCD Display with scrolling text (WD1250 only)
  • Built-in Audible Alarm (WD1250 only)

Watchdog 1200/1250 Software Features

  • HTTP / HTTPS: web access
  • Alarms: high/low values, multiple thresholds per sensor
  • ESMTP / POP3: email alerts, ESMTP / POP3 auth
  • SNMP (v1, v2c, v3): Gets, Trap and Clear alerts, MIB
  • Paging: email to pager proxy
  • XML: meta-tagged sensor values, alarms, config
  • Syslog: send debug messages to Syslog server
  • Web interface: 4 styles to choose from
  • Access-control: 3 access levels (view, control, admin)
  • Web Cams (optional): Up to four can be displayed

Watchdog 1200/1250 Power Supply

Product Number Input Plug Type Input Power Outlet Power

Watchdog 1200
Watchdog 1250

North America (NEMA 5-15) 100-240V, 50-60Hz 6VDC, 2A, 12W

Watchdog 1200-UK
Watchdog 1250-UK

British Standard (BS1363)    

Watchdog 1200-UN
Watchdog 1250-UN

North America (NEMA 5015)
British Standard (BS1363)
Euro Plug (CSS7/16)


Watchdog 1200-NPS
Watchdog 1250-NPS

No Power Supply No Power Supply No Power Supply



Access documentation pertaining to the Watchdog 1200 and Watchdog 1250.

Spec Sheet  
Watchdog 1200 Spec Sheet Download
Watchdog 1250 Spec Sheet Download


User Manual  
Watchdog 1200/1250 Instruction Manual Download



Geist's FAQ section aims to answer specific questions related to this product offering. If you need further support, please contact Tech Support directly.

Watchdog 1200 / 1250 FAQs

What do light, sound and air flow readings represent on my Geist monitoring device?

These readings are what we refer to as 'reference' or 'unit-less' measurements. They do not represent an actual value such as lumens or decibels, and are used solely as a reference point. Examples of this would be:

Air Flow - 0-20 Still (very little air movement) - 80-99 Rushing (high air movement). These readings are to help see changes in baseline readings to determine if a problem has occurred. An example of this would be: Light - Baseline reading of 20 (dark). Reading spike could indicate a door was opened, or in worst case scenario could indicate a spark or fire.