Switch Cooling

Active Switch Cooling

Network switches, load balancers, and routers are often mounted in the back of the cabinet for more convenient cabling connections. Unfortunately, these switches installed at the back of the rack can be critically damaged when they are cooled with pre-heated air from the servers.

Patent pending Opengate Active Switch Cooling addresses this issue by delivering cool air to network devices regardless of where they are mounted. The device cooling products are available in a wide range of configurations and rack space sizes.

Designed to work with 1U to 9U devices and beyond, Opengate Active Switch Cooling channels air to every kind of intake/exhaust configuration imaginable.

To match your network switches to the relevant Geist Switch Cooling product take a look at our compatibility chart

Passive Switch Cooling

Opengate Passive Switch Cooling guides cool air to network switches mounted in the rack without fans. The economical solution is ideal for low density environments where heat intensity is modest but still remains a threat.


SA1-01001NB 1U, for Side Intake Devices, Passive SA2-002 Dual Side, Rear Intake Devices, Active
SA1-01002 1U, for Rear Intake Devices, Passive
 Extra Long 1U, Rear Intake Devices, Passive
SA2-003 Side Intake Devices, Active
SA1-09001 Exhaust Airflow Director, Passive SA2-004 Front, Intake Devices, Active
  SA2-006 Side Intake Devices, Active

Switch Air Compatibility List