Passive Cabinet Containment

With Opengate Passive Cabinet Containment, low density cabinets can take advantage of a simple chimney solution to manage modest heat volumes. Then, as cabinet loads begin to increase, the passive system can be upgraded quickly to an Opengate Active Containment System. Opengate is the most flexible cooling option on the market today. It grows and adjusts to the needs of any data center, with features such as:

  • Efficient chimney system
    • For low density cabinets (up to 4kW)
    • Heat is channeled directly to the hot air return-no mixing with the cooler ambient air
  • No active components
    • Relies on server fans to push exhaust
  • Seals cabinets at rear and sides for maximum efficiency
    • Blanking panels minimize hot air mixing
  • Highly economical
  • Occupies zero floor space
    • Mounted above the rack, not on the door
  • Easily upgradable to an active system for higher density cabinets