Racknet Node Manager

Racknet Node Manager

Racknet Node Manager (NM) provides a simple solution for managing Geist devices. This cost efficient solution provides a single aggregation point for real-time monitoring and trending. Racknet-NM allows for user-defined alarms and alerts, creating a holistic view of critical Geist equipment.



Racknet Node Manager (NM) is the perfect first step for businesses looking to install critical DCIM. Racknet NM provides many of the same features as the full Racknet version and is a great way to monitor Geist devices. This cost effective solution utilizes a single aggregation point for real-time monitoring and trending.

Racknet NM monitors various critical data center infrastructure. The user-defined alarming system notifies personnel based on temperature, humidity, dew point, airflow, and even water leaks. Racknet NM outputs all data via a number of open communication protocol to ensure seamless integration with larger management systems.

Special Features

Main Data Center View

Displays one comprehensive view of all monitored equipment with a combination of preconfigured and user defined graphics.


Visually display data in various chart types for easy interpretation. Save time by automatically generating the reports you need with the data you want to see.

Single Access Point for Integration

Racknet communicates out via SNMP, BACnet and the oBIX API for seamless integration with larger management systems.

Capacity Planning

Plan effectively for the future using the capacity planning reports. Understand future trends to place assets in the most efficient areas.

Virtual Machine Option

Virtual machine systems are quick and simple install.

Alarm Notification

User defined thresholds for quick alarm notification including three escalation levels. Identifies problems before they become catastrophic.

Spec Sheet  
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Supporting Documentation  
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For DCIM software update information, contact the DCIM office at 1.877.449.4150.


Interactive Views

Geist's FAQ section aims to answer specific questions related to this product offering. If you need further support, please contact Tech Support directly.

Racknet Node Manager FAQs

What types of devices does Racknet Node Manager monitor?

Racknet NM manages Geist devices via SNMP. It is a cost-effective solution meant to compliment Geist hardware. It maintains the intuitive interface of Racknet, but is simplified to only monitor Geist products.

Does Racknet Node Manager have alarming capabilities?

Yes, Racknet NM has full alarming capabilities. Users have the ability to customize thresholds and configure alarm settings such as escalations levels.

What is the main difference between Racknet and Racknet Node Manager?

The primary difference between Racknet and Racknet NM is the type of devices that can be integrated. Racknet supports third-party power strips and SNMP devices while Racknet NM only supports Geist hardware. Racknet also includes additional feature sets like Report Manager, user-defined collection objects, and has an appliance form factor option.

Below is a comparison chart of the differences between the Racknet and Racknet Node Manager Systems.

  Racknet Racknet–NM
Support for all Geist hardware
Support for third-party power strips  
Support for third-party SNMP devices  
Optional Geist Network (GNET)
Optional SNMP and BACnet output of all collected data
Support for more than 1,000 devices 
Geist equipment global firmware updates
Alarming and trending
Report Manager  
User-defined graphical views (one customizable view for NM)
User-defined collection objects for associations of data  
HTTP pass-through of all GNET devices
Appliance form factor option  
Virtual Machine option