Racknet manages rack level data and white space with a single point of integration.



Racknet helps optimize manual processes in the data center and serves as a single access point to consolidate data center information. With comprehensive alarming and reporting functions, Racknet is the perfect tool to monitor SNMP devices. The notification system sends alarms and alerts based on user-defined thresholds, and has multiple escalation levels. The auto-discovery system makes adding devices simple, and the intuitive interface allows you to quickly drill into specific rooms to visualize any part of the data center. Utilizing drag and drop capabilities, Racknet is highly customizable, giving you a flexible DCIM solution.

Quickly manipulate user-defined collections of data in Racknet. Customizable math functions provide you with the unique information your business needs to efficiently run the data center. With Report Manager, you can report on vital data center information using unique charts and graphs. To help understand overhead expenses, use the energy cost analysis to provide vital power consumption information. All Racknet information can be communicated out via SNMP and BACnet, making Racknet a versatile DCIM solution.

Special Features

Aggregated Views of Data

Displays one comprehensive view of all monitored equipment with a combination of preconfigured and user defined graphics. Understand key elements of the data center, providing information on how to improve efficiency.

Alarm Notification

User defined thresholds for quick alarm notification including three escalation levels. Identifies problems before they become catastrophic.

Reporting and Histories

Build and generate unique reports based on individual requirements (e.g., Customer Monthly Power Usage, High/Low/Average Temperatures, Monthly Capacities, and Monthly PUE/DCiE). Visually display data in various chart types for easy interpretation.

Math Functions and Collections

Aggregate data from individual points or groups of points to create user defined views of data such as highs, lows, averages, costs, usages, etc. Associate functions with dashboards and other applicable views.

Thermographic View

Drag and drop sensors onto the data center floor plan for a quick real-time view of the data center environment. Visualize where problematic areas might exist and know where to troubleshoot.

Capacity Planning

Use the capacity planning views to see exactly where there is free space in the data center. Reports and trends show where new assets will be most effective.

Energy Cost Analysis

Calculate individual rack costs per month. See which racks are the most expensive, and how to eliminate excess energy costs.

Single Access Point for Integration

Racknet provides output of collected data via SNMP and BACnet. Racknet also has a robust programming API which increases integration capabilities with larger management systems.

Appliance and Virtual Machine Option

Select between a hardware appliance and virtual machine option for quick and simple install.

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Interactive Views

Geist's FAQ section aims to answer specific questions related to this product offering. If you need further support, please contact Tech Support directly.

Racknet FAQs

What communication protocols are ideal for Racknet?

Racknet is the ideal tool to monitor SNMP devices. Its’ auto discovery system allows SNMP devices to easily be added. In addition, Racknet can communicate out via SNMP and BACnet with an optional license upgrade.

Can I configure Racknet?

Yes, Racknet is completely user-configurable. Users have complete control over collections, escalations, thresholds, floor plans, reports, and many other features.