Opengate Active Cabinet or Row Containment

Opengate Active Cabinet or Row Containment

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The Opengate containment system centers on two critical components: 1) containing heat, and 2) expelling heat directly to the CRAC units. This two-step focus maintains the ideal temperature for data center equipment.

The first step is addressed by Opengate's expertly manufactured chimneys and enclosures. The second step relies on sophisticated temperature and pressure sensors to control fan speeds and exhaust hot air through the chimneys at the most efficient rate. The combination of hot air containment and intelligently controlled fan speed creates a consistent climate controlled environment in the data center and within the cabinet rows.

Opengate is available for virtually every new or existing cabinet model or configuration. Geist has developed a vast library of cabinet specific installation kits that include cabinet tops, door blocking kits, and mounting hardware. If there is a new cabinet or row configuration, Geist's team of design engineers will deliver a solution.

Opengate conforms to most any environment to deliver intelligent cooling.

Multiple layers of system redundancy increase as systems work in concert.

Scalable Capacity

• System capacity automatically scales as loads are added or removed
•Automated load sharing returns all heat directly to return air plenum
• High density loads can be directly couple for single cabinet isolation
• Load sharing leads to lower cost per deployed kW, allowing all fans to run at energy efficient speeds.

Optional placement of Geist cooling units avoids overhead obstructions such as cable trays.

Load Sharing
• Multiple systems work together to share cabinet loads
• Operational redundancy increases as systems work in concert
• In the event of utility failure, heat continues to be exhausted by the Geist cooling unit using power provided by its PDU

Sophisticated temperature and pressure sensors control redundant fan speeds to exhaust hot air through the chimneys at the most efficient rate.

Automated Control
• Automatic notification of system threshold breach via email or SNMP
• Environmental conditions monitored and reported automatically

IT intake air is stabilized within a few degrees of the supply air temperature at all points in the data center.

Efficient Management
• Geist's Environet software aggregates total airflow load and automates defining total airflow requirements, allowing lowered airflow across the data center