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The California drought could become a major issue for companies operating data centers out of that state.
June 17, 2015.
Environmental concerns can affect the operation of data centers, especially data room cooling.
DCIM tools allow IT to track power usage and monitor temperature of the server room in real time.
June 12, 2015.
DCIM tools provide a top-down look at the inner workings of data centers.
Cooling and power functions can be monitored with a DCIM solution.
June 11, 2015.
DCIM systems allow for easier management and asset monitoring.

Typically in the USA we can fulfill orders within 2 – 5 days, but that depends on several factors such as size of order and final destination of the order. In Europe and Asia it can take up to 15 days. However, you’ll get your delivery on the day we jointly agree – our record is 99.7% on-time delivery - with the majority of Geist Global deliveries being within five days. Orders for custom-built units take a little longer, but we have fulfilled those in as few as five days in the past.

Opengate by Geist’s unique intelligent containment system offers one of the most effective methods to manage data center air temperature. By regulating IT intake air temperature to within a few degrees of the supply air temperature throughout a data center.

The technology sector is one of the most demanding but rewarding sectors to work in – from the latest innovations to the generous salaries on offer in this industry, there are plenty of opportunities to expand the IT skillset; which in turn, leads to promising promotions and pay rises. Yet with a plethora of different disciplines to choose from, how do you determine which role best suits your experience and interests?

We are really excited to be supporting the Open CloudServer (OCS) specification 2 which will be showcased in Paris on 30-31 October at the Open Compute EU summit. It's really good to know that our hardware is supporting a cloud based solution that is available to the global community.

Modern data centers are remarkably technologically complex, and keeping them running safely and efficiently requires continual close monitoring and management. Among the most important various tasks facing data center managers is maintaining the right temperature. Should the temperature and humidity rise to excessive levels inside the data center, condensation can start to form - thereby damaging the machines within.

Tech Speak Decoded

Just as IT support are bored of repeatedly asking “have you tried turning it off and on again”, nothing can worry a technophobe more than tech speak. Whether you’re struggling to figure out how to archive your data, or having problems understanding cloud technology, many people are taking their lack of IT knowledge for granted – which not only costs business precious time but also, money.

Geist Opengate RAC10

When heat builds up around servers, network switches and/or phone systems in small spaces, the Geist Opengate RAC10 unit intelligently removes it and restores a perfectly balanced environment.

This is done using building air while also providing the needed visibility to cooling capacity and environment information, and alarms.